Affiliate Disclosure

My summaries and review started because I wanted to have a single place where I could store high quality information which would be easy for me to access.

At the core, that’s still why I write summaries and reviews.

Indeed I only read and consume educational product out of passion for knowledge and development.
I do not read or consume any product which I don’t believe are worth my time (and your time). However, once I review a product, I might add an affiliate link.
Here are my codes of conduct:

  • I will disclose every affiliation in here (and on the reviews itself when needed)
  • I will always give my genuine opinion
  • I will never recommend to you something that I didn’t enjoy myself

Affiliate Programs That I Participate In

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
That means that when you click on Amazon link from this website and complete a purchase, I receive a small commission.
This commission comes at no extra cost to you.

Further affiliate links present on this website:

  • ReadinGraphics (link to their subscription page on the “best free summaries websites” article)
  • Grant Cardone website (on my book reviews from him)
  • Roger Love (The Perfect Voice Review & and Social Power Course)
  • Blinkist (link on my Blinkist review)
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