Recommended Books

This is our must read book list to understand how the world truly works, picked and recommended by Lucio Buffalmano and The Power Moves community.

The goal is to truly understand people and human psychology in order to succeed in that world and achieve your goals.

leadership bs book cover

Leadership BS: Summary & Review

Exposes the limitations (and lies) of naive self-help within the leadership industry. A fundamental read for anyone who aspires to becoming a leader (and aye-opener for many).

the gervais principle

The Gervais Principle: Summary & Review

Revolutionary take on career (and life) success based on power-awareness and dark-triad levels.
Power-aware sociopaths sit at the top. The naive and conscientious mid-manager are workhorses who get the crumbles. (warning: avoid over-cynicism. Good people can win and skills also matter)

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