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This is the expanded career module from Power University, turned into a stand-alone course. If you already have PU, please read here before enrolling

Did you know that CEOs make 278 times more than what an average worker does in the same company?

Is the CEO’s output really worth 278 times more than you are? Most likely not.

But your work success is not the direct result of the quality of your work. This is the sad reality of the workplace. The long story is here, but I’ll tell you in brief:

Your actual output only accounts for maybe half of your personal success.

If you care about being successful, it’s time to learn the other half:

  • Politics
  • Power dynamics
  • Exec skills, such as: behaving like you’re worth a million bucks.

I tested that first-hand in my own climb up the ladder:

My career progression, taken from Linkedin

And this is what I learned researching the work of the best authors of career strategies (including career strategies for women), plus hundreds of studies.

That’s exactly how I like to provide wisdom.
Evidence-based, field-tested, and replicable.

Everything teased out in simple strategies and techniques that you can apply right away. This is like a secret war chest you are accessing. And you will gain an edge over your competition.

What People Say

social power feedbackFounder of

Guys, don’t believe who says otherwise: money is power. And to acquire resources you need to know how to play the corporate game.

So, are you ready to win -and make more money-?

If you are, then the time has come. You are going to harm yourself with all the tools you need to win. banner with career university written Here is the curriculum:


Your current level of power

What you need to work on

The power map: who matters around you

The self-assessment tests will open your eyes to the current power map around you, and will form the basis for your career plan.


Why Machiavellianism works

Guide to corporate manipulation

Teamwork is important, and win-win is great. Most of Power University’s social success strategies are based on reaching win-win. But the workplace is different. At work, the company’s win is not necessarily your win. And the harsh truth is that your colleague’s win can easily be your loss. It’s not about cynicism, it’s about simple math, really: There is only one spot for promotion. team members look at a ladder This module is a red-pill look at the realities of the workplace. Including the unflattering ones that most other resources keep hidden. Our workplace strategies will later be based on these uncomfortable realities as well.


a businessman moving a chesspiece

Types of political players 

Power moves in the office, & how to deal with them 

This module helps you understand the power dynamics common in most work environments.


Now we get to the nuts and bolts of crafting your career strategies around proven concepts and studies.

Common Political pitfalls to avoid

Proven career strategies that work


Cuddling to bosses is an art… And a science. This module teaches you the science, so that you can become an office social artist. With this module, you will easily become your boss’ favorite employee.


Assessing potential power-issues

How to be a good manager who also gets promoted

The psychology of toxic employees (and how to deal with them)

Executive skills: going from manager, to executive

The lesson on executive skills is in good part a lesson on how to act high-power at work. It’s a unique lesson with wisdom that you won’t find anywhere else. And with video examples as well.


So far this course teaches you the reality of the workplace. It teaches the manipulation, the self-interest, the shortcuts… … But it is also possible to have a better work environment. So this module deals with what I call the “enlightened workplace”. It’s a founders’ guide because to establish such an environment requires power. So only people at the top, like CEOs and founders, can do that. This is what Matthew, an entrepreneur, says: career university review


 Combining power, with femininity

Do you want to hear an obvious truth? Nobody gives up power willingly. Men aren’t going to step aside and say “welcome in, take some of our resources, take away our power”. No, men are biologically hardwired to keep power for themselves. Most men NEED to keep women out of power or they won’t be able to find a mate. career women tug of war against men To win this game, you must remove the common women’s stumbling blocks (lesson 1), learn how men play the game so you can level the playing field (lesson 2), and then how you can combine power with femininity (lesson 3).


How to dress high-power

(Machiavellian) negotiation tactics (& counter-moves)


1. Should I get “Business University”, or “Power University”?

Power University is the complete program.

It’s a holistic life-upgrade going into self-development, mindsets, and strategies across all domains of life.

“Power University” focuses on work only. It’s the same module from Power University, plus some more lessons and quizzes.
So if your focus is work, you should get “Business University”.

Alternatively, if self-development is important to you, you can get both, and then switch from Power University to Business University when you reach the workplace module.

2. Can I expense it?

This is not the type of course that your employer would love you take. But we can find a workaround.

3. Will this course help me get promoted?

This whole course’s goal is to make you more effective at getting promoted, acquiring power at work, and making more money.
Not just get promoted, but also reach the top, and/or do your own entrepreneurial thing.

4. What if I don’t like it?

There is a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Why is the price so low?


That’s the right mindset.
This is an investment that will most likely yield big returns.

With a course like this one, you will make 1.000X the time over the course of your life and career. businessman on a rocket

Successful or Refunded

I’m so confident that this course will provide you results that I offer an unbeatable guarantee. Enroll, try it out for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, I don’t want your money. After years of reading and researching, I know that this is the most advanced, sophisticated and most helpful self-development course out there. The Power Moves

businessman beating competition   Total Value: $397 Discounted Price: 147

Lucio Buffalmano

The author holds a master's degree from La Sapienza, department of communication and sociological research, and is a member of the American Psychology Association (APA). He studies psychology, persuasion, social & dating strategies, and anything related to people and power dynamics. Lucio's approach combines science, critical analysis, and a continuous quest for first-hand experience & observation. He loves all three aspects, and believes that to effectively teach social strategies, the three must go together. You can learn it all in one fell swoop with Power University.

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