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Welcome to Power University



Congratulations on joining Power University! πŸŽ‡

Intro: Your 1st Power Move

Did you catch the power move?

Here it was:


This is a giver frame.
The sub-communication is:

Giver: Congratulations (for joining this awesome course)

This is a powerful approach for the speaker.

It highlights the value he brings to the table.

And many customers feel validated in their choice.


Why it’s slightly manipulative (🐍)

It’s slightly manipulative because:

It denies the value YOU also bring to the table.

And what happens if you enjoy all the value, but bring no value to the table?

When you take without giving, you’re a taker.
Not good.
Takers are “socially indebted” and have weak negotiation power.

And it’s manipulative because this is a good exchange for both.
Yes, you did join one of the best self-development courses ever -congratulations!-.

But you also gave us your trust.
And the money to live, and keep us working on our mission -thank you!-.

“Congratulations” on its own leaves out the value that YOU also bring to the table.

Good exchanges, be it professional or human, are good for both (win-win).
If someone highlights his contribution and minimizes yours, that’s a first red flag of character 🚩. In this case, he wants to frame you as the only one benefiting (taking)

πŸ‘‰ Never forget or downplay the value you also bring to the table.
At work, in friendships, or relationships, you’re likely also bringing value.
Bringing value is great. Bring even more value.
But always ensure your value is appreciated and rewarded.

πŸ”΄ The costs of small-time games

So one may think:

That’s a great technique.

I highlight what I do.
I downplay what they do…

… And that way I can get more from others.

That’s true.

But there is a problem:

  1. It makes closer relationships predatory and toxic.
  2. Power-aware and high-value men instinctively “see” this game.

And those higher-value men will see you as a small-time manipulator.
Someone to not be fully trusted.

And… They’d be right.

The win-win approach (🀝)

What if you want to:

  1. Display and highlight your value -always a good idea-
  2. Appreciate the value they add -to send a good message of trustworthy fair player-
  3. Set up healthier and more honest relationships

Welcome to the win-win approach.

Here’s what that would look like:

Win-win approach: Thank you (for the monetary value and joining this uplifting community), and congratulations on your choice (for the quantum leap you’re about to take)

This approach recognizes the value that both parties bring to the table.

⛏️ Dig deeper if needed
Was this too complex?
Then see here when to use “thank you”.
If all is clear and simple, keep going.

πŸŽ“Exceptions make you most effective

Win-win is a great general approach.

But if the focus is on effectiveness only…
… Then sometimes certain techniques are superior.

πŸ”œ You’ll internalize all of that with this course.

Speaking of internalizing:

The 4 Stages of Development

This is what your progression will look like:

The 4 stages of successful development with Power University

Phase 1 – Unaware: Unactualized Potential

Different men are at different awareness levels.

But everyone has at least some important blind spots they can improve.

And many more are grossly unaware.

Phase 2 – Analyzing: You “Begin to See”

You begin to “see” the levels of sub-communication in social and power dynamics.

You can now analyze your social interactions.
Both past, present, and plans for future ones.

You have moved to box 2: high in consciousness.
What Maya88 shares is a common, welcomed, and empowering epiphany for many students:

Maya: I have definitely gotten my eyes up for power moves. And I see them everyday, from everyone. I feel empowered only by being able to spot them.

That is empowering indeed.

At this level you can already recognize the good people to keep in your life.
And the “not-so-good” ones to keep more at arm’s length.

That’s 50% of social and life success already πŸ….

πŸ›‘ Beware the possible bitterness
Realizing that many people manipulate and social climb can make people bitter.
Stick with us, and you will acquire healthier and more effective mindsets.

Phase 3 – Becoming: You Start to Win

Now you start to:

  • Adopt empowering mindsets
  • Take effective action.

There are two major challenges to execution:

Challenge 1: Responsiveness

Real-life can be fast-paced sometimes.

Power University helps you with great stock responses.
Stock responses aren’t perfect, but they’re “good enough” for almost any situation.

Challenge 2: Calibration

Power University develops the skills to find your own solutions.

This is important because rules, principles, and stock answers fall short of maximum effectiveness.

But as you progress, you’ll learn to calibrate for maximum results.

Phase 4 – Being: Winning Is A Consequence of Who You Are

With time:

  1. You read social dynamics as second nature
  2. You naturally behave high-power and strategically to achieve goals

Good News: You Know This Process!

You’ve already gone through this process for everything you’ve learned.

Walking, riding a bike, swimming, learning to code… You name it.

Now, we’re going to do the same… For social and life effectiveness.

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