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How to Make The Most of Power University


1. Apply Yourself

We give you the best possible tools.

You make sure to use it.

2. Arm Yourself With An Open Mind

You may learn unpleasant aspects of human nature.

That may include:

  • You
  • People closest to you


3. Stay Positively Empowered: 3 Mindsets

First, to avoid bitterness or anger:

🧠 Mindset 1: It is what it is

What is, simply is.
It’s not ugly nor bad.
It just is.


πŸ“ Note this down.
It’s an important mindset of empowered men.

❗Those who complain or resent how things are sound like mentally weak bitches.❗

This is not the course for that.

And now onto positive approaches:

🧠 Mindset 2: There’s only “now” and “forward”

A common complaint is:

“I should have known this before 😑😒”

Drop it.

Before doesn’t exist.
The only time that matters is now.
And the “future nows” you create.

Even if it were the last day of your life, the only tragedy is to have never opened your eyes.

Empowering yourself is timeless anyway.
The empowered you reverberate into eternity 🌠.

🧠 Mindset 3: Life can be beautiful. People can be great. And It’s up to me

Life and people are BOTH ugly and beautiful.

That is the ONLY true description of the world.


What you get more of, depends largely on you.

Win-win, fulfilling, and loving relationships are possible.

⚠️ Over-bitterness reeks of low-value weakness because it doesn’t take responsibility.
It sub-communicates a lack of power and self-trust in changing things.

Mentally empowered men know and believe this:

🧠 Negative past or present experiences don’t stop me from having or creating positive ones.

Eagle Mindset πŸ¦…

Power University helps you make that happen.

3. Proceed In Order

The lessons are generally laid out to go from:

  1. Foundational -> advanced
  2. High-level -> specific
    • Mindsets -> strategies -> techniques
    • General principles -> applications -> exceptions

The foundations may seem obvious, generic, or theoretical.
But foundational lessons set the infrastructure for everything else.

4. Focus On The End Goal: Understand Principles, Learn Skills, Develop Character

It’s the concept of “learning to fish”.

We have many:

  • Scripts
  • Examples
  • Mindsets

They’re super useful.

And they’re most useful to develop the higher-level of competence -full empowerment, the ultimate goal-.

Higher level are:

  • Skills
  • Character
  • Discipline mastery

Such as (from ➑️ to):

  • Scripts ➑️ You learn persuasive communication skills (that you apply to any situation)
  • Examples ➑️ You develop high-value man behavior (in all areas of life)
  • Individual Mindsets ➑️ You think like a high-quality man (in all areas of life)

It’s at this higher level that you’re an empowered, independent man.
You can come up with your solutions or techniques -often, on the fly-.

πŸ”œ Remember this, but don’t worry because we have you covered.
We built Power University to make full-empowerment natural.

πŸ‘‰ This mosaic represents our “high-level mastery” approach.
It’s numerous small pieces (scripts, examples, & individual mindsets, etc). Together they form a larger, coherent picture (discipline mastery, skills, & character).
Once you get the larger picture, you’re an empowered man.

5. Use Quizzes & Tests As Learning Tools

We learn the most when:

  1. We think things over
  2. We understand principles via concrete examples

Quizzes and tests ensure you do both.


How to make the most of quizzes:

  1. Immerse yourself in the case study. Practice empathy
  2. Think it over
  3. Check your answers at the end of the quiz
  4. Have a learner’s mindset: it’s not “doing good”, but getting good (see “Ultimate Power”)

When you finish a quiz, press the button “View Questions”:

It reveals the explanation


πŸ“– Compare your answers with ours.

6. Use Examples & Case Studies As Learning Tools

Case studies and examples are important.

They help to solidify and internalize the principles.
And they help you grow your social intelligence.

An early student said he expected more science and “steps to follow” and fewer case studies.

But we added many case studies as a conscious choice.

PU focuses on internalizing principles and growing skills.
Case studies help develop your social intelligence.

7. You May Skip Optional Lessons


Should I go through all the lessons?

Short answer:

If you’re short on time, focus on the “foundational lessons”.
And skip the “OPTIONAL” and “THEORY” ones.

7.2. You Can Skip The Links If Concept And Applications Are Clear

You’re not expected to follow all links.

Power University is designed to be self-contained.

The links are an opportunity for more, not a must.

βž• Other alumni’s opinions on this

7.3. Still… Mo’ Lessons Mo’ Skills

Remember that there’s nothing like Power University.

And any lesson may turn out life-changing.

7.4. You May Need The “Modules You Don’t Need”


Men in a relationship can still gain from the dating module.


  1. They’re all part of the human puzzle. And it’s better to get all the pieces
  2. Some concepts apply to any human interaction, but are only explained in one module (to keep PU “lean and mean”)

As John noted with Seduction University:

John: Thanks to Seduction University I realize (…) Some dating concepts apply to social life

He’s 100% right.

πŸ” Same for the lessons marked “for women”.

Legend: Visual Emojis for Efficient Learning

In version 9.0 we added emoji.

The goal is to be:

  • Brefier, and cut words
  • Faster to learn, with visual representations
  • Simpler to understand & internalize

This is what they mean:

πŸ‘‰ Note. A summary of a concept, or an important real-life application
⚠️ = Important, pay attention
πŸ”΄ = Warning; ❌= Avoid this; Red recolor = Not good. Also for red boxes and picture frames
🟒 = Good; βœ…= Do (more of) this; Green color = Good. Also for green boxes and picture frames
🚩 = Red flag, often a red flag of poor character
🐍 = Value-taking, manipulative, or “too Machiavellian”
πŸ¦… = Eagle, “honorable man approach”, flying higher, or final-stage development
☣️ = Toxic, especially when harmful to close relationships
πŸŽ“ = Advanced, or a note on subtler nuances
πŸ”Ž = Example, to better flesh out a concept
🀝 = Win-win, or an approach that’s fair to all parties
πŸ’­ = Script, or a good example of what exactly to say
🧠 = Mindsets. Only for positive mindsets
βž• = Extra info. Often, a quick line to introduce a link for more
πŸ”œ = “Coming soon in Power University“. You got a quick intro or heads-up. So don’t worry if it’s not yet clear

Like links, but quicker and within the page.
We also use this tool for solutions to “pop-quizzes” within the lessons.

And a few more, but they need no explanation.

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