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Welcome to Power University



Thank you and congratulations on joining Power University!

And first power move of the course: if the relationship is a mutual exchange, try to avoid “thank you” as a standalone.

A “thank you” gives away your power and sub-communicates that you are only taking in the relationship.
Say “congratulations” instead, or “well done”.
“Congratulations” recognizes and compliments their great choice while at the same time underlining the value you bring to that exchange.

Or, alternatively, use both: “thank you, and congratulations on your choice”.
I personally prefer this option, since customers are also bringing obvious value to the table, and with this option your underline the win-win nature of the exchange.

If you want to read more on how to appropriately use “thank you”, check this forum entry.

Now back to us.
I only have two notes for making the most of this course:

Arm Yourself With Open Mind

Sometimes the information in this course does not paint the prettiest picture of human nature.

But that’s not a good reason to shy away from reality.
True development must be based on raw, unadulterated reality.

Only by learning people’s -and our own- human nature, including its darkest sides, we can then shape it, change it, harness it and, eventually, even transcend it.

The 4 Stages of Social Development

Some students said that as they go through Power University, they start over-analyzing social interactions.

Usually, that’s just a phase, and it’s a good thing. It means you start seeing more of the underlying social and power dynamics.
That’s already a huge step forward. Enjoy the over-analysis phase, because it won’t last long.

This is how a good progression looks like:

social mastery stages

Your goal is to go from box 1 to box 4 over a period of time.

Phase 1: Low Awareness

You start at box 1 with all the power dynamics you are not yet aware of.

Being unaware of something means you have low consciousness in that area and, often albeit not always, low consciousness also means low competence (hence low consciousness and low competence).

Phase 2: Over-Analyzing

As you start going through the lessons you will start becoming more aware of both the power dynamics. And you will start becoming more aware of your own self-defeating behavior.

You have moved to box 2: high in consciousness, but still low in competence. This is the stage that some people refer to as “over-analyzing”.

Phase 3: Consciously Re-Programming Behavior

The third step is to consciously respond to the power dynamics you see around you, and consciously choose and control your own behavior.

Phase 4: Naturally High-Power 

Finally, once you have consciously analyzed social dynamics, your reading and understanding of those social dynamics will start becoming second nature.

And once you consciously decided to act in a certain way over a period of time, you will start internalizing those new behaviors as well.

Both your social reading skills and your behavior will start happening subconsciously.
That’s when you reached box 4. Or, if you prefer, that’s when you have become the most effective social animal that you can be.

Albeit that’s the final goal, don’t be discouraged if it takes some work.
Mastery in any worthwhile achievement always takes some work.

You are already familiar with this process in whatever you’ve already learned in the past.
You’ve been there when you learned walking and talking a long time ago. And you’ve been there again and again if you learned to ride a bike, learned to swim, learned to play an instrument, or learned to do whatever you’re now doing in life.

Learning power dynamics is even easier in my opinion, because you’re learning something that you naturally get to observe and practice every single day.

Think of master as a work in progress, as your journey of self-empowerment. And boxes 2 and 3 will become part of the fun.

How to Use Quizzes As Enhanced Learning Tool

We learn the most when we are forced to think things over on our own.

And that’s what the quizzes are for: to make you think before checking the answers.

So the way to use quizzes as learning tools is:

  1. Read or watch the case study carefully
  2. Immerse yourself in the case study: put yourself in the shoes of the protagonists
  3. Think it over: what’s happening, who’s winning, what are best strategies…
  4. Pick the best answer(s)
  5. Check your answers at the end of the quiz
  6. Have a learner’s mindset: focus not on “doing good” in the quizzes, but on increasing your social intelligence, your strategic thinking, and your skills. More on mindsets in “Ultimate Power”

I put a lot of time and thoughts into each question: both the correct ones, and the wrong ones.
And I’ve done that because these are terrific learning opportunities for you.

So once you have finished a quiz, read the explanation for each answer. To read the explanation, press the button “View Questions” at the end of each quiz:

Then you get to a screen like this one where you can see exactly why some answers were wrong or right:

That’s the equivalent of high-intensity training for (advanced) social skills.

Should You Go Through All Modules? I Recommend So…

You might not be interested in dating.

Or you might be in a happy relationship, or in a happy position at work, and you think you can skip the respective modules.

Still, I recommend you go through them anyway, even if they don’t apply to your current situation. Maybe go through them a bit more quickly, but do not completely skip them.

Those domains of life all reveal crucial aspects of people’s psychology, and understanding the underlying dynamics in each one of them will help you better understand people -and yourself-.

Should Men Take the Lessons for Women? Short Answer: Yes.

There are some lessons earmarked “for women”.

And I recommend men to also go through them, for the same reason as above.

Three more reasons why you should:

1. Knowing yourself better: Men and women are rarely 100% masculine or 100% feminine, and understanding the most stereotypically gender-specific traits also helps you to get to know yourself better.

2. Better social and life strategies: Learning how genders differ allows you to strategically play up or down your masculine or feminine side, depending on the situation.

3. Better persuasion skills: You will be better able to tailor your persuasion attempts depending on whether you’re dealing with a man or a woman

Just as a teaser, I can tell you that one of the main reasons some women enjoyed being around me is because I can lean more on the feminine side when talking, bonding, and relating.
If you can do that while keeping an overall strong frame, then you can become that ultra-rare “total package” that sets you aside from everyone else.
And that’s only one of the advantages of being able to embrace the whole spectrum of human qualities.

These are just SOME reviews and testimonials:

The lessons on frame control and video examples have opened my mind. I can come up with frame control techniques on the fly

- Anthony R.

Power University is amazing. It already helps me to unnecessarily lower my power. It gives me strength and clarity, and keeps me from going back to my shy and defensive behavior

- Kevin S.

I've never seen before something so complete, deep, and versatile in one program. And It works. In a few weeks I’ve increased my social intelligence by many folds.

- Ang

I discovered that I was sending lots of submissive signals (...) and giving my power away. And if I'm unconsciously communicating that I don't deserve respect, why should other people bother. (...) A necessary wake-up call for me, and now I can correct course. (...) I highly recommend this course.

- Leon

Public Reviews

These are public reviews.

You can check them for yourself by following the links.

Keep in mind the course was previously called "Social Power", so some reviews reference "Social Power" instead of "Power University", but they're the same thing (actually, "Power University" is far better as it's gone through several updates).

  • Acquire real-life frame control superpowers

See this public review here.

  • You will gain an edge in life

And the sooner you start, the better:

a customer review of the power university course

You can see this review here (plus my answer).

  • You will see results in your real life
Power University success story

You can see this thread here.

Note: John actually came up with the strategy that he applied himself, putting together different pieces of information, so all the credit to him. 
I then added that strategy to Power University (thanks, John!).

  • One of the best investments for personal wealth

As somebody who's starting to come to the end of a carer I can say (...) this is literally the best investment you could make

Read this comment here.

That's talking from a career perspective (there is a whole module on career strategies and power dynamics). 
The little money you're paying now, will likely turn into 10x more income and success during your career.

  • Social ju-jitsu techniques take your social skills to advanced level
a review from power university in the forum

I was blown away by this concept. It completely changed my way of interacting with people, for real.

This was a case study on handling micro-aggressions and covert aggressions, which together account for probably 90% of all aggressions you'll go through in your life.
Now, thanks to John's initial question and feedback, it's a lesson in the "advanced social skills" module.

You can see this review here.

  • You will get rid of submissivness and become more assertive

What I learnt in the course is gonna extend to a lifetime ahead of me. It really helped me in terms of asserting myself. I can not describe my gratitude for this knowledge of power.

You can read this review here.

  • Astounding developments await you

No one graduates from Power University without astounding developments

Read this post here.

  • It's so good you will get hooked

You can read this one here.

  • Two lessons of Power University better than a whole course on Udemy:

I got more value from two lessons in Lucio's course than I got from the entire Udemy course.

You can read that one here.

  • Helps you turn over a new leaf:

I am finally seeing results and a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can read this review here.

  • Using Power University's lessons to ace casting jobs:

You can see the review here.

  • One of the best investments you can do on yourself:
power university public review

One of my best investments

You can see that forum comment here.

  • Entrepreneurs learn to develop better businesses
a review of power university

(PU) has helped me immensely in multiple business situations as an entrepreneur

This is part of a question in the customer-only area of the forum. Only Power University students can access that private area.

Email Reviews

Some of the email feedback:

  • So good you wanna keep it secret
a student feedback on power university

For me this course is too valuable to ever let it have search history

My answer: don't worry about others studying the same. First of all, this website is niche enough that you will most likely not meet anyone else who has taken this advanced type of training. And two, most people are too lazy to train themselves to elite levels.

So, yeah... That's your chance, guys:

  • Groundbreaking: there's no comparison on the market

It's the first time I'm hearing about most of this stuff, even though I bought dozens of other courses and had a mentor for a year. The course is worth much, much more.


Eye-opener (...) the subtle and hidden power moves totally mind-blowing (...) I feel so lucky (...) Thank you for teaching me the most valuable currency in life


what a customer says about power university

Since then the course has improved 5x



customer review of power university by lucio buffalmano


power university review from a customer

Mind-blowing stuff. I'm getting a ton out of it.

Yeah, it's a life-changing course, but full access is a different product. On the other hand, Power University covers all the basics, so you might not need the full website access.


It's by far the best self-help I've ever come across

Note: the course was previously called "Social Power", that's why the subject line


email snapshot of a review for power university

I'm blown away by the value of your course. I'm not even at chapter 2 yet.


an email feedback for power university



The Power University is literally changing my life (...) each small thing I learn about social dynamics makes me realize how oblivious I was. More than one person came to tell me that I'm different somehow, for the better. This was, by far, the best investment.

And if you're interested in competing products, take a look at this thread:

Or go straight to what's been proven to work:

Customer Service

The people enrolling in Power University are actively improving their lives.

And I feel like we are kindred souls. 
People who want more for themselves and their lives, and take concrete steps to have it.

And without them, this website wouldn't exist.
I always prioritize customers above anything else:

That was one of the first customers. And since then, the customer experience has only improved

Those Who Didn't Vibe With It...

ThePowerMoves.com is not your typical business.

To begin with, it prioritizes product over marketing (there still isn't even a video or a teaser to advertise Power University).

Another way ThePowerMoves.com is different is by being far more open as to what happens behind the curtains.

So I'm including here the feedback of those who didn't vibe with Power University.
It's rare, but anything can happen. 

This alumni was looking for something shorter:

Power University can be a life-changer... If you are willing to spend some effort

I immediately refunded P, no questions asked.
P was not a good fit for the course, and I knew it.
Power University is not good if you're looking for a quick fix.

Granted, this is condensed wisdom.
As condensed as it can be. 
And for those who want more, there are links to more quizzes, tests, and strategies.
But it still requires some effort on your side.

Also not for you if...

This happens rarely.

Most people who enter Power University are smart and driven self-starters.

But maybe 1% of users can be:

  1. Digitally unaware: There are no instructions on how to save your password, or how to log-in. The course takes for granted users know the digital basics.
  2. Unaware of social-exchange rules: Power University is a course to go through at your own pace, it doesn't automatically give unlimited access to the author of the course.
  3. Lazy: All information on pricing, access, and duration is provided and it's up to the alumni to look it up.

See an example here:

example of alumni rejected from power university

As long as I run this website on my own, that type of behavior is a drain on my time.
And I value my time.
But to me, it's also a question of business fairness (see "social exchange" lesson in the course).

This 1% of difficult customers is robbing time not just from me, but from everyone else.
The time I'd spend on them is time I cannot spend supporting the 99% of people who are eager and ready to upgrade their lives.

And I do not let that happen.
So I usually refund the time-draining customers very quickly.

This does not concern you

If you are reading here before purchasing, this is not your issue (that 1% has barely read the price tag, let alone if they read the reviews :).

Onboarding is easy, and you will start upgrading your life within 5 minutes. 

And if you still have some technical issues, know that I am very happy to support and help fix any possible issue.
The 1% is extreme cases of time-sinks who blatantly ignore all provided information and write/call countless times. But technical issues, honest mistakes, or any type of lapses are always welcome.

When Female Power Was Lacking

Power University constantly improves its curriculum.

The last major update was thanks to a customer called Kristina.
Kristina thought Power University was too male-centric:

I am extremely grateful for Kristina's feedback. 
This is what she went on to say:

Kristina had a great point.
There was no such resource to teach women how to strategically handle power and success while still remaining likable and feminine.

That's exactly what this website is about, after all: smart social strategies for life success.

Since then and for 5 months I did nothing but research women and power.
All of my quarantine 13-hours workdays also all went into this project.
So I got the books she suggested. And many more. I delved into the research literature for women and power, and women in the workplace. 
I recalled all instances of powerful women I've met, and I scoured movies and YouTube for real-life examples.

The literature was great, full of wisdom to help driven women to be successful.
And I condensed all that knowledge into a few lessons that are tailored for for women only. One addressing the mindsets, one addressing career strategies, and one on how to combine power and femininity.
All with practical examples and videos.
Now Power University is the best course on the market for women who seek to combine personal success with social success.

So if you're a woman, this might be for you:

And I will end with another public review. 
This is what Alexander, an early student of Power University, says of the people he has learned from:

You can see that review here.

Disclosure: All video reviews are based on real reviews. Some students though want to remain anynonymous. So for some of the videos I hired speakers to read the reviews aloud.
In some cases I might have reworded or reassembled words in a way that makes more sense, while preserving the meaning. For example, turning a private email such as "your course is" into "Power University is". These changes left the original meaning intact.
Also, some reviews are from very early versions of the course. The reviewers loved it, and the course still improved 10x.

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