Dating Power Dynamics: Resources & Change Log

Dating Power Dynamics Resources

Change Log

The change log starts from version 4.

Version 4

  • The Sexual Marketplace (chapter 1)

This part analyzes all the traits that men and women seek in a mate.
It combs several of the best evolutionary psychology books to give you a quick overview of what people offer and demand in the sexual marketplace.
Some of this stuff you know for sure and it will not be new, but some other traits be more surprising (how high kindness ranks and the #1 position for loyalty in a large survey).

  • Evolved Tools of Sexual Conflict (chapter 3)

The interests of men and women diverge sometimes, and both genders evolved some tools and techniques to take advantage of each other.
This chapter reviews what those adaptations are.
It’s a slightly more information-rich version of the public post “sexual conflict”, so if you read that post you can skip it. Otherwise, it can provide some helpful information.

  • What influences Sexual Market Value (chapter 4)

New chapter, it combines some bits that were previously scattered and adds some new information.
It quickly reviews how one’s sexual market value varies depending on variables such as gender ratio, personality, culture, children, state (socialist VS laissez-faire).
Some of those variables we can easily change, so there is some important practical takeaway there.

Version 5

  • New Chapter: effective sexual strategies (both men and women)

This is a new chapter listing all known research on what’s been proven to work in dating for both men and women, combined with practical tips and real-life examples.

  • Breaking up chapters and adding info: short and long term dating

For ease of reading, I combined information on short and long term dating strategies into a new chapter dedicated to these two overarching dating strategies.

Version 6

  • Breaking up chapter: sexual strategies for men & women

I broke up the chapter on sexual strategies for both men and women, plus adding more examples for each.

  • New game: conspicuous rejection

I added a new game women play. That’s the “conspicuous rejection”, when they make a big show of rejecting the guy.
I explain what this game is and how men can handle it.

  • More examples

I added a lot more examples.
Since having picture would have made the file huge, I instead link out to picture that I host on this website.