Dating Power Dynamics will be part of Seduction University

I think you can agree with me when I say this:

Dating can be complex and challenging at times.

You are not the only one to feel like that.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

It’s not that complex or difficult once you understand how it actually works.
And how you can influence it.

Don’t you think it might get easier once you gain full clarity of how dating actually works?
Dating Power Dynamics can help with that.

This is what you will learn:

  • The science of the sexual marketplace
  • How to date effectively (based upon scientific principles of what’s been proven to work)
  • The traits and behaviors which confer power and dating success 
  • How to use dominance & leadership to seduce (with examples)
  • How to use sex to influence the power dynamics (and what to be careful of)
woman teasing
Everything opens when you know what to exchange

Let’s see if Dating Power Dynamics can help you:

Problem: Dating Can Be Challenging

Does it frustrate you that finding a high-quality partner can be so challenging?

You are not alone.

It’s a common refrain.

Almost every woman I talk to complains that “this is not a city for relationships“.

But here’s the funny thing: men say the exact same thing!

Women: it’s hard to find a good man

Men: it’s hard to find a great woman

But the real issue is different:

The real issue is that most people don’t really know the rules of the game.

Because, you see, there are plenty of men and women who date successfully.
Women who get into happy and committed relationships. And men who date around only to eventually stop with fulfilling relationship they are the leaders of. The type of men women admire and are overjoyed to be with.

As for everything in life, there is always an upper bound limit and many factors come into play.
But chances are that you are far, faaaar off from your current true potential.

And that’s great news.
It means you have huge room for improvement.

When you learn to date leveraging the true rules of the games, not only you get close to your true potential, but you will gain a huge competitive advantage.
Few people truly know how dating really works, and once you learn, you automatically overtake the vast majority of the field.

The bad news?
You must find the right source of information.

What Customers Say


Maybe I should preface this by saying I know the author and have lots of respect for him.

But the reason I follow his work is also practical: I think it is one of the very best resources on people and psychology (I’m a psychology major).

So I jumped in early when Dating Power Dynamics was released and it was already the best overview of dating psychology I have ever come across.
Plus Lucio keeps sending the updates to the older customers, so it only gets better.

If you’re looking for an overview of how dating works, look no further.
Personally, I’m in a happy relationship, but if you’re still dating around, this guide is super practical, so you can leverage that knowledge to improve your results :).

-Chiara, Italy

And Most Resources Don’t Help

There is a lot of dating advise around.

Some of the dating advice for men is very good.

But there is also lots of crap to confuse people.
And even the good resources, they focus on the technicalities such as what to say, how to open, how to ask home etc.

And those are important (and they’re included in Dating Power Dynamics, too)

But equally important, if not more so, are the overarching truths of the sexual marketplace, the forces that shape attraction and, of course, the power dynamics of dating.

And that’s what’s truly missing.

To make matters worse, there is also a lot of misogyny in much of the dating advice for men, and that doesn’t help anyone -and least of all, it helps men-.

And about dating for women, well… Don’t even make me start there.
Women might be better off not to read any of the dating advice at all.

Pick Up Artists Sell… Products, Not Truths

Pick up artists want to sell you this idea:

It’s all about skills and the work you put in.

And for sure, skills are very important and, for average people, the more work you put in, the more results you get.

But why should go to the “average” way?
The “average” way wants you to make a thousand approaches to random people to get a handful of sexual partners.

And that’s helpful, in many way.
But is it efficient?
I doubt it.

Indeed top-tier daters, be it men or women, make others put in lots of effort.
The most successful daters do NOT put much effort because they receive the bids.

attractive woman

Because here is the harsh truth: dating coaches are selling a high-effort, average returns systems.

The top women rarely end up with the man who makes the most cold approaches.

And top men rarely end up with women who play the dating games of “make him chase” and “make him wait for sex”.

Who do they end up with, then?

I bet you already have an idea…

What If You Learned What Really Works?

What if you could understand exactly what works in less than two hours?

What if you could learn exactly what traits make men and women attractive?
And what if you could learn how to increase your attraction 5-fold?

Do you think it will be easier to get better at dating when you know:

  • What behaviors are addictive to women
  • How to answer to shit tests to become the powerful man she craves (instead of “passing” them)
  • The true power dynamics of dating

Let’s revisit our main question:

Who do top women end up with?

Top women end up with powerful men, of course.
And top men end up with high-quality women.

Do you know Alan Greenspan?
If not, Google him.  Really, do it.
Seen him?
That guy dated models.

Or simply look at Hugh Heffner.

hugh heffner mit girlfriends

Did women throw themselves at Heffner with him until he was old because he approached them right?
Or maybe because they were faithful?

Sure… Not.

No, they were there because he was powerful.
Money was part it of course, but money is just one aspect of power.

And power is what matters the most in dating.

Enter: Dating Power Dynamics

Power Up Folks!

Dating Power Dynamics takes you to 90% of all the knowledge you need in 3 hours.
You will find out:

  • The most important traits you need to work on
  • The power games men and women play (and how to deal with them)
  • How to act as a true leader in dating (which will make you a big catch almost by itself)

You see, those women we mentioned in the beginning, those women who are always in a relationship, they’re not necessarily pretty or smart.

They simply date better.

And those men who can date around and who later become the true leaders that their girlfriends look up to… They’re probably no better than you.

But they surely know the power dynamics of dating.

Life Is Now: Invest On Yourself

Somebody said you should be patient.
I say to hell with patience instead. Life is brief.

Life is short. Don’t waste any more time.

About Dating Power Dynamics

This is condensed dating wisdom, focusing on power dynamics.

Including leadership, dominance and social power.
And those are what really make a seduction work.

Science-based, experience-backed and with plenty of examples to help you understand (pictures and links to videos alike).

It’s comprehensive (90.000 words), but made on purpose to be as brief and to the point as possible.
No fluff, no repetitions, no space-filling.
Just the information you need to become more effective and successful.

Table of Contents

This is what you will find inside:

1. Sexual Power Dynamics: Overview 

  • Men Are The Offer, Women Pick – The Root Cause of Gender’s Mismatch
  • Strategies to Successful Sexual Bargaining – Top Daters Are Top Negotiators
  • How Some Men Manage to Turn The Power Tables – Top Men Are At The Top
  • Women’s Dream Man Explained – Sexy Lover + Committment +Fear … 
  • Age and Dating Power Dynamics – How Age Correlates With Leverage & Success

2. The Sexual Market Place: What Men & Women Truly Want

  • The Trading Chips & Their Value – Resources, Age, Beauty, Body, IQ, Dominance, Skills…
  • Short-Term VS Long-Term Dating – How Temporal Modes Affect Dating
  • Relationship Formats & Power – How Polygamy,  Affects Power Dynamics

3. Sexual Bargaining: How The Exchange Takes Place

  • Value Exchanging – How Men & Women Exchange Traits
  • Assortative Bartering – My Own Theory of Sexual Bargaining 
  • Hypergamy – The Scientific Truth About Hypergamy

4. Short Term & Long-Term Mating

  • Short-Term Mating for Men – Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Short-Term Mating for Women – Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Psychologycal Profilining Sociasexual Orientations – Who Chooses Which Strategies

5. Male Sexual Roles

The myths and truths about each one of them. And how you can best use each strategy.

6. The Politically InCorrect Truths of SMV

  • Race
  • Culture
  • Personality & Personal Variance
  • Low Sex Drive VS High Sex Drive
  • Difficult Markets
  • Easy Markets

And how you can take advantage of this information… 

7. Sexual Strategies for Dating Success (Men)

  • Scientifically Proven Dating Strategies for Men – Get These, And You’re Good
  • The Most Effective Strategies – If You Seek Outsized Success, This Is How
  • The Lover Strategy – Advantages, Disadvantages, & How To…
  • The Provider Strategy – Advantages, Disadvantages, & How To…
  • Which One Are You Best Suited For?
  • How Fast Should You Move? – Providing You With Timelines

8. Sexual Strategies for Dating Success (Women)

  • Scientifically Proven Dating Strategies for Women 
  • How to Date to Pick The Best Partner, The Quickest Way

9. Evolved Tools of Sexual Conflict

Men and women can sometimes gain at the expense of one another.
This chapter describes how both men and women, sometimes, seek to win by inflicting a loss on their partner.

  • How Women Fight the Sexual War
  • How Men Fight the Sexual War

10. Games Women Play

  • “Invest in Me Games” – And How to Handle Them
  • Contest Games – She Might Not be So Innocent When Talking About Exes…
  • Damsel in Distress Games
  • Revenge Games – And Why Women Play Them With Dominant Men

11. Games Men Play

  • The “Great Support” Game – And How to Handle It
  • The “Sex God” Game – And How to Handle It
  • Love Boming  – And How to Handle It
  • The “Broken Man” Game  – And How to Handle It

12. First Approach Power Dynamics

  • The Power Dynamics of Eye Contact 
  • First Move Power Dynamics – And How to Approach With Power
  • Dealing With Rejections – And Looking Great As You Do
  • Early Conversation Power Dynamics

13. First Date Power Dynamics

  • Late on Date Power Moves – And How to Handle Them
  • The Power Dynamics of Paying (or not paying)
  • Madonna Games – And How to Handle Them

14. Shit Test Power Dynamics

Expanded and upgraded from the shit tests article.

15. Dominance, Leadership & Sexual Success (with examples)

  • Social Dominance
  • Social Pressure
  • Physical Dominance
  • Sexual Dominance
  • Intellectual Dominance
  • LMR – And How to Properly Use Dominance 

16. Soft Power & Seduction

  • The “Judge” Role, A Unique ThePowerMoves System

17. Sex & Power

  • How Sex Influences the Power Dynamics
  • How Speed to Sex Influences Power
  • How Psychopaths and Hookers Use Sex to Enslave Their Targets 

18. The Ethics of Power Dynamics 

Current version: 6.3
Customers have access to the updates, please contact me for the updated version (see here for the change log).

Free Sample

Want to check out one chapter before getting the whole thing?

About The Author

Lucio Buffalmano author of Dating Power Dynamics

Maybe you know me.

Or at least, my writing and YouTube videos.

My name is Lucio.

For Dating Power Dynamics I leverage personal dating experience combined with a social-scientist background.

My work is a combination of a three-pronged approach: science, observation, and first-hand experience.

As a matter of fact, if you check my reviews, I believe this is one of the issues of the advice literature: authors write based on experience only.

I believe you absolutely need both, together with good critical observation skills. That’s what’s needed to give proper advice and to come up with a comprehensive overview.

And that’s what I have set out to do with Dating Power Dynamics: a systematic approach combining the best of all worlds.


  • Who is this product for?

More advanced students who want to understand dating beyond the usual PUA or mainstream advice, both for men and women.

It’s also helpful for those who want to date with a relationship in mind, since it helps you acquire high-quality mindsets and behavior.
Things like enforcing your boundaries, blocking manipulation (whether conscious or subconscious), and setting up the right frames.

  • Who is this product NOT for?

In my opinion, this is not for beginners.

This book is for intermediate and advanced students who want to deeply understand the dating scene and take their game to the next level.

This is about high-level and effective strategies, and less about tactics.

If you have no game to begin with, check out “best dating books for men” or “best dating books for women” on this site. For some of those books / courses, the summaries will be enough.

If you need to learn about the basics of conversation and socialization, do that first. Check out the best social skills books.

You can come back here later.

  • Which resources does it contain?

Literally hundreds of resources among studies, researches, the best evolutionary psychology books, the best dating resources, and all mixed with lots of first-hand experience and references.
This might be the most science-backed and field-tested overview of dating.

  • What formats does it come in?

PDF, Epub, MOBI.
Since January 2019, there is also an audiobook. Please keep in mind the audiobook skips all the notes.

  • What format do you recommend?

All versions will provide you with the best information when it comes dating.
However, if you want the most complete and updated version, I recommend the PDF. The audiobook skips the notes. And I update Mobi and Epub when there is a major version release.
Instead, any time I come across some new example or study, however small that might be, I will quickly update the PDF.

  • What other resources do you recommend?

First and foremost, practice and what you observe from your own experience.
Second, look at what works and what doesn’t work in your environment and culture (or in the environment and culture where you want to succeed).
Third, you can check out here the best dating books for guys and the best dating books for women.

What Customers Say

dating power dynamics feedback

I was already a very happy customer of Social Power so I wasn’t sure if I should get this one as Lucio introduced it as a spin-off of the dating module of course.

But I did and I’m glad I did: it goes deeper into dating power dynamics and further opened my eyes on yet a few more crucial aspects including LMR, difficult VS easy markets and smart ways to hack your results without even working hard (ie.: change your environment, not just yourself).

I definitely improved my life with Social Power and don’t wanna jinx it, but I think this will be yet another big step ahead.

-John, UK.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

The Power Moves

Dating Power Dynamics comes with a 30-days guarantee.

A special 30-days guarantee designed to empower you.

If you think it added little value, write me whatever you think it was worth to you, and I will refund you the difference.

A full refund is also possible, minus a 9 Eur processing fee to compensate for the author’s valuable time.
So there is truly little risk for you, but huge upsides.

And if you think it was worth more, feel free to give it out to charity.

To help readers with the best possible learning tool, Dating Power Dynamics has a lot of examples, both with pictures and videos.

For the videos, I link out to YouTube, so you will get the best experience on an Ipad or a modern e-reader.

However, Dating Power Dynamics is also structured for those of you who want to use older e-readers and all videos are also explained in writing.

dating power dynamics on ipad