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5 Years of TPM (+ Updates & Thank You)

Today marks 5 years since TPM’s domain was purchased.

So, to make it simpler: TPM’s 5 years birthday :).

I got a wine and a meal of my liking to celebrate.

Getting into a “let’s celebrate what’s been done” isn’t my forte (I remember once engaging in a major backward dance at a job interview to save my initial "the biggest win is the one that has yet to come" answer. It was one of those "let's celebrate wins together startups" and it was obvious the interviewer preferred a "I enjoy celebrating wins with the team" answer 😀 )
I have to fight my present and future orientation + my self-critical nature that “I did absolutely nothing” to deserve “celebrating”.

So I did something more concrete.
I finally messaged and thanked Umar. One of those gratitudes and "thank you" messages that you keep in your heart but that that was long overdue sending (he was also an example in “why the 48 laws of power is wrong” on why "staying away from the unhappy and unlucky" isn't actually a "law of power").

TPM Updates

What’s coming on TPM:

  1. Seduction University review (80% done): I’m 80% through the immediate post-launch review, improvements & updates. 90% reading through, and then adding further notes and examples. It’s already much better and looking forward to finishing it.
  2. Power University update: breaking up lessons, adding all the notes I’ve taken since the last time
  3. Business University update: a few notes I took business-wise will go in PU, and some others into Business University.
  4. Publish the best book summaries / reviews I’ve read thus far: there is some great books that provided further material and resources for either the courses or the articles. I want to have them published.
    But this phase will already be “hardest part over, onto the easier / more fun part”

I hope to be done with all of this by the end of June / Mid July.

Then my goal is to:

Summer On The Road

This time... More literally 🙂

Buy a motorbike and ride through the Apennines and Alps.

Across the Alps on a Multi | - The Ultimate Ducati Forum

For 5 years I worked every single day -don’t want to exaggerate though: many days were easy and short workdays. But still there was at least some work on every single day-.

So I want to reach this summer with the major work stuff done.
I’ll carry the laptop with me of course and do something.

But it will be more “lighter” work.
Such as the forum, updating older and evergreen articles, and dropping some “easier”, less “foundational” but fun articles I’ve already been taking notes & examples for such as “how to be an alpha male”, “how to be cool”, etc.

Plus, to enjoy some more free-writing on less practical “thought-pieces” (ie.: “mental masturbations”) articles on

Thank You Guys!

And lastly but most importantly, a big thank you to everyone in this community.

It may seem a cliche and etiquette obligation to thank people when you're doing any form of speech about celebrations, birthdays, or milestones.

But yeah, in this case, it's truly not rhetoric or "etiquette".

It's just plain true that this forum and all the great people and minds on it have taken TPM and Power University to new heights.

It's been a while since I don't see TPM, PU, or power dynamics as a discipline or any (power-related) self-development as a one-person effort, but really as a community-driven effort.

And that's even without considering the pleasure fo getting to know and growing closer to so many great guys and "eagles" 🙂

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