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A good Counter to a tasking Power move

Hi, In the popular show "The Boys" there is an episode where the hero Billy Butcher is pinned against the wall by a mercenary,  Black Noir and Black Noir's  boss calls Billy offering to let him go in exchange for keeping quiet about a picture,before hanging up the boss tasks Billy, by telling him to hand the phone back to the mercenary, Black Noir, Billy does it but with a twist. Here is the link, and the exact line happens around 3:12 -3:13 .

Boss to Billy : Put Noir on

Billy to Noir : Boy, Missus wants a word

I think given the circumstances it was a fantastic one upping on Billy's part to re-empower himself,

Noir could have re-empowered himself by choking Billy a little more harder and then let him go, What could Noir have said to re-empower himself, when Billy said that to Him?

Thank You




If he choked a bit harder he'd still be reacting.

Not too bad, but not ideal either.

Instead, he could have ignored the task, and/or pretended he didn't understand the one-upping joke.

Such as, keep the chokehold until he communicated clearly and without one-upping.

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