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Baguio: 7/10 (& celebrating 10k visitors)

Women: 8/10

  • Beauty Rating: 7 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 8 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

Baguio is a university town for the area, which means it attracts a lot of young women from the surroundings.
Being students, they also tend to have good English and to be on the higher end of the quality spectrum.

Celebrating 10k Visitors Online With 2 "Visitors" at Home

During my stay in Baguio broke through the 10k visitors per day.

And I wanted to celebrate.
I wanted to celebrate with some cool girl, a wine, and some romance.

It turned out to be 2 girls.
The first one was in the afternoon, as soon as I got there.
She wasn't willing to meet up and come over and I wasn't counting on her. But by pure chance we ended up at the same cafe:

Of course, I played the "destiny" card.
I wasn't willing to talk and wanted to enjoy my food alone after 6h of travel, so we just kept chatting and joking via the app.
When I was done I told her I'd be waiting for her outside. And then we walked back.

She had perfect lips, and I'm a sucker for beautiful lips.
She was the kind of girl with meat around her bone, but the type of body that, albeit not muscular, is very toned and hard.
I liked that.
I almost only peak from behind, with the girl flat on her stomach. But she was so sexual, and I peaked while she was on top.

And I still had a wine scheduled for the evening.

The second one was half Philippina and half Arab. She had long black, curly hair, with tattered jeans and tattoos.
A true beauty. An alternative beauty, looking a bit like a biker type of girl. I wasn't surprised that some men had offered her money for sex.

Still, she was very nervous when first meeting.
Some guys think that because a girl looks like a rebel, she has seen it all and is more confident. But that's often not the case.

We had sex twice, timed just the way I like it: at the very beginning, so that you can then enjoy the time together more openly and honestly; and then again later after some wine, when you know each other better.

She was adamant to perform oral sex and see me come.
I'm not into BJ actually and I wasn't planning to peak with her, but since she cared so much, I obliged.

The sex was very good, but this time, it was even more.
It was a truly beautiful night.
We had the bottle together, ate some finger food, talked about our lives, dreams, goals, past experiences.
And then shared and sang (badly, of course) some songs, including "Rebel Rebel":

wine and david bowie to celebrate thepowermoves

Overall, a wonderful way to celebrate the 10k visits.

Food: 8/10

The cafe where I met that first girl.. What a wonderful place.
Great quality of food, cheap, wonderful ambiance. The type of place that changed my mind about working in cafes as opposed to simply staying home.

Beauty: 7/10

There is nothing truly special about Baguio itself.
But since it's quite high above sea level, the road to get there offers some truly picturesque landscapes.

As the bus keeps humming upwards, you will also move through a wood-carver village. When I saw the first one I thought: "God, that guy is doing some truly astonishing work, what is he doing in the middle of nowhere". But then I saw one more shop, and one more, and one more.
Turns out, it's a whole village of wood-carvers.

Word of caution: if you suffer from motion sickness, get the higher priced buses and sit at the front: the drivers here are not the best and the travel times can be quite long.

General Quality Of Life: 7/10

This place reminded me of my village Montefino.

I could walk to the VISA office to extend my visa, then walk to the bus terminal to retrieve my sunglasses, then walk back home. And from home, I could walk to that lovely cafe or to the local mall.

It's big enough though to have a few clubs, which I didn't try but where I could also work.

It's the perfect size to combine city life and quietness. You got everything, but you can walk, and there is little traffic.
In that sense, it also reminded me of my Erasmus in Krakow, the other Polish perfectly-sized city :).

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