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Bohol: 7/10

Women: 8/10

  • Beauty Rating: 8 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 7 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

Bohol is a famous place, so there is lots of tourism, and there is some money moving around.
That attracts some pretty women as well, including the always-present hookers seeking tourists, and the always-present ladyboys also seeking tourists.

The Annoying Ladyboys

The ladyboys can get annoying as they're often on the hunt -and I don't particularly love being a prey-.
I usually look around to take in the environment, see if there is any potentially interesting girl, and study the people. And whenever you lock eyes with a trans, they do one of these typical trans things:

  1. stopping in their tracks, and staring at you with what I call the "lustful pose" (advice: quickly look away, as if you hadn't even noticed)
  2. walking towards you in a collision course, to force you to talk to them, only to swerve at the last second if you don't speak to them
  3. walk beside you, speak to you, speak to you again when you tell them you're not interested, then speak to you again, and then finally keep on walking pretending that they didn't just get rejected

This time one ladyboy was particularly annoying.
She approached me saying we "spoke on Tan Tan". I said "no". And she wouldn't let go, insisting that yes, it was me (I knew it probably was me, but sure I had no interest now that I knew she wasn't a girl).
Then a few minutes later I hear someone call me on the strand by my name, but I pretended not to hear.
Then as I was walking back she approached me again and told me "you're Lucio Buffalmano". I didn't even know that app was showing my full name, and now I had this ladyboy harassing me with my name and surname.
I immediately opened the app and edited my name.

Just to be clear, this is not to say all ladyboys are horny, annoying idiots, but the ones cruising can definitely be.

The Modeling Girl

Luckily, there are also plenty of normal women.

On my first evening out I was walking past a restaurant and locked eyes with a truly cute one.
I took one more step and then changed direction to walk towards the place. I wasn't looking at her when walking towards the restaurant not give my game away. And when I returned my gaze in her direction I caught her talking to her friend and laughing. And as soon as we looked at each other again, she broke the laughter.
That's a very good sign.

I pretended to check the food stand for a few seconds, and then walked towards her.
I told her I thought she was cute, asked her if she was single, and then exchanged contact. Her friend asked where I was from, and I gladly replied. That gave me the opportunity to add some information and a quick joke, which served to flesh out my personality a bit and show I was no weirdo.

Never underestimate the importance of showing you're a normal person.

Then I asked her what time she finished and proposed we met at 10:30 once she was done.

At 10:30 we met by the closed restaurant. She was sitting on top of a table. I sat by her and exchanged a few sentences. I was a bit rusty as I hadn't spoken to anyone the whole day. I thought it was riskier to plow through an average conversation than invite her right away. It was 10:30 after all and she had finished a long day of work. The expectation was not that of talking at length. So I prosed we grab a couple of drinks and go sit by the pool.
She says yes.

We walk towards the shop and talk a bit more. My goal is just to show that I'm a normal, emotionally stable guy and she has nothing to be afraid of.
By the shop, she tells me that she'll wait outside, and I don't insist for her to come in. Mating intelligence here: maybe she just doesn't want to be seen with a guy that late in the evening. If you insist, you only remind her there is something to be ashamed of. Instead, just say "ok" as if it's nothing and take care of the drinks.

On the way to my place she asks me "where are we going". This is a question you'll often get from women even though you've already told them and they already agreed. It's an emotional question, not a rational one. You want to play it down that you're going "to your place" and avoid keywords such as "my place", "back to mine", or "my room".
I say that I'll show her the resort and it's really nice there, and that settles it.

Once back home I let her come in and I forge ahead. I purposefully want to move physically away from her to make her feel that I'm not an aggressor jumping on her as soon as we're alone. This is another small but important technique of late-stage dating.

Then I show her the balcony. Many women feel safer when they can be in an open air space, so if you got a balcony, it can be a good idea to show her that first.
We are leaning on the balcony side by side, then I take a step back and kiss her neck. No push-back. Good. That's the equivalent of a green light.
So I take her hand and walk back in.

There are some LMR as she's on her period and uncomfortable, but she doesn't resist too strongly, and I also avoid pushing too hard. I do what I've been doing for a while now: push a bit, then talk a bit and kiss her on the forehead to display kindness and caring, then mix some dry humping and make out to arouse her.
She gets very aroused when we make out, making the whole process easier.

We only did it missionary as she wasn't uncomfortable moving around with the period in full swing. I also didn't want to make the bed a mess on the first night there, so missionary was cool for me too. But for being stuck in one position, it was quite good sex.

She was really pretty. Exactly my type of girl. Did some modeling and even won some awards:

Food: 8/10

I realized that I'm a sucker for banana and peanut shakes.
Banana and peanuts shakes must be what's served at the entrance gates of heaven.

Beauty: 7/10

Bohol is a big island.
A lot of people live here, so you will not easily find true uncontaminated nature.
You will see instead a lot of run-down areas and quite some trash beside the streets.

Still, there are some beautiful strips by the sea

General Quality Of Life: 6/10

Too touristy for short vacations and too transient to stay for longer.

There is nothing that would make me want to come back here.

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