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Camiguin: 10/10

Women: 8/10

  • Beauty Rating: 7 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 8 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

You don't come to this small place to hook up.

Which is one of the reasons I also love it: no sleazy foreigners looking for paid sex.

Some of the girls on the island are here because they enjoy the quiet and slow lifestyle. The peace, the sea, the safety, the nature, the good air. If you're also into that, then you can look for these type of women in some small islands.

The Valentine's Adventure

I had five amazing days here, and albeit getting laid is not (anymore) the main source defining whether I had a good time, it's still part of the mix.

On my five days there, only I had done was sightseeing.
And the last day, happened to be Valentine.

Capping off the adventure with a Valentine romance would have been a great icing on the cake.
How to make that happen?

During the afternoon I had a couple of leads, but no solid ones and no concrete plans. Very few girls were on dating apps here. So my best bet seemed to be going out at a local bar and try to make something happen there.

Still one more move to make, though.
In the afternoon I was coming back from Mantigue island, and decided to stop at a restaurant I had tried a few days before.
One because it had great food. And two because there was a pretty waitress.

When I reach the place, it was just me there, and her.

Me: let me ask you something, are you single?
Her: yes
Me: cool, then let's meet up for a drink this evening, what do you say
Her: OK
Me: we can do at Alex Risto bar, do you know it?
Her: yes
Me: something like 9pm, good for you?
Her: OK

And then we exchanged emails because she didn't have any online messaging apps (that happens sometimes in small islands).

Around 8pm though my Intern plan runs out.
This could be a handicap if Alex doesn't have wifi. And of course, Alex Risto Bar has no wi-fi. "Damn", I think, I hope she will be brave enough to come in without last minute confirmation.

Turns out, she wasn't.
These are the emails I saw once I got my connection back:

missed emails

Up until 9:25, she's still not there. And the place is dead at this time.
I'm sitting there with a Long Island, which has coke in it. I don't drink coke, so I'm just sitting there, with no good options around me. Except the waitress. So I exchange contacts with her there, agreeing to meet after her work. And I leave.

As I go outside, looking for my bike, I lock eyes with a girl. It's her. She waited outside until almost 9:30 rather than coming in.

Since now I exchanged contact with Alex' waitress, plus I'm already leaving, I tell her to come with me to the resort because "I needed to confirm my taxi for tomorrow".
She obliges.
The surprises are not over. We are so close to my place. It's only literally 300 meters on the main road, but right before the crossroad to my resort, a police car pulls us over. We're not wearing helmets. The only last risk is that it might spoil the atmosphere, or take too long, and that she will prefer going out with her friends rather than waiting around -a real risk as her friends were calling her-.
So I keep pinging her as I talk to the cops and as I take care of the paperwork. My goal is to keep her engaged and show her that it's nothing.
I don't manage to talk myself out of trouble, but luckily I manage to keep the whole interaction civil and to get my ticket quite quickly.

Then I drive her back and the resort owner is standing around.
Luckily, I had a good relationship with him and he doesn't bother us with "extra guests" or "check-ins" -the importance of making friends, again-.

As soon as we walk in we start passionately making out.
I don't often make out before having sex, but hell... It's Valentine. And all the turmoil we had to go through only made us more excited and impatient.
It was a great time.

Food: 10/10

How unexpected that such a small island had some many great restaurants!
There were 3 Italian places near me, and all of 3 of them had a proper stone oven for the pizzas.

There was one, on top of a hilltop, with the view of the jungle + the ocean in the background.
What a breath-taking place.

The owner, Vincenzo, was a guy who studied with Osho. He was 62 and just had a baby from a girl hot and young enough that the first time I was there I hit on her -I hadn't met him yet :D-.
That also made me reflect on the importance of having a cool place, good resources, and remaining local. Women naturally gravitate towards the established player, while the roaming adventurer has to put in more work.

Beauty: 10/10

A true paradise.

Camiguin has it all: the volcano, the mountain that you can hike, the jungle, the falls, the sea (+ snorkeling and diving spots).

My pictures truly don't do it justice:

camiguin view of the sea

And a volcano high enough to be often shrouded in clouds:

volcano on camiguin

There is a hiking path with the "14 stations of the cross", chronicling Jesus Christ death.
As you read the history, see the images, and keep climbing to ever greater and greater natural beauty, it becomes truly emotional and touching.
If you're religious, it's something you must do. And if you're not... You never know you might actually become, here :).

General Quality Of Life: 9/10

One of the things that I loved most was how everything was so near: climbing, swimming, good food, going for drinks.. It was all at a few minutes' distance.

And with the motorbike parked in front of your house, it all felt like pure freedom.

The bike was also part of the enjoyment. I had forgotten how much I love driving.
When I was a teenager I sometimes sat on my bike and thought "I could literally switch this on and go anywhere in the world". Such an empowering sensation.

bungalow in camiguin

I can understand how a few foreigners I've met have made this place their home.
Definitely do pay this place a visit.

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