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Chiang Mai, Thailand 8/10


  • Beauty Rating: 6 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 5 / 10
  • Chance of Hooking up: 7 / 10

Similar to Bangkok, but a bit less hectic and crazy.
Somewhat there seem to be fewer attractive women, but that might be because the capital attracts sexier women seeking fortune -and often ending up in the sex business-.

I must restate again the low average quality, though.
I've even met women who have lived in English speaking countries for years... And still had terrible accents and communication skills.

Food: 7/10

The city is big enough to allow you to find anything you like.
And I was suprised to see there is also a lot of quality food. I was right in front a place called "The Salad Concept" and I left a piece of my heart on their delicious smoothies and frappes.

Beauty: 9/10

What a lovely city.

I can see why so many digital nomads set up shop there.

It's quiet, green, and safe.
And there countless nice cafes, so white hipsters can sit around pretending to be working on their money-losing travel blog and their organic-trade business that nobody will ever make business with.

But jokes aside, I have also met truly cool people who were actually doing interesting stuff.

General Quality Of Life: 9/10

The only thing missing here is the buzz and breadth of options of the bigger city.

After a while, it feels like you know this place and it's always the same-same, with the same clubs, bars, meetups, people, and places.

But that's inherent to all smaller cities, and some people appreciate that feeling of "cozy shelter" and familiarity. It gives them a feeling of safety and higher control over their environment.
It reminded of Krakow a bit.

And this square reminded me of Italian medieval villages:

chiang mai central square

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