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Davao, Philippines: 7/10 (green, sea, and good views)

Women: 7/10

  • Beauty Rating: 7 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 6 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

A Quick Romance Tale

I took a ferry to Samal Island, and as I entered the waiting area, I saw a pretty girl sitting at the back.

Our eyes locked, but she couldn't see mine. The good thing about wearing sunglasses is that girls cannot see you checking them out. Just to make sure though, I positioned my head straight ahead while I kept assessing her with the tail of my eyes (not giving away my interest).

She was sitting on a long bench, but instead of sitting beside her right away, I walked past her.
Then I circled around the bench, and sat beside her.

I opened indirectly, asking for information about the ferry.
Then dropped the conversation until she re-initiated.

This interaction was heavy on power dynamics:

  1. She was checking me out, while I was hiding my own gaze
  2. I walked past her, making her slightly anxious I was rejecting her (push)
  3. I open indirect, hiding my interest
  4. I let the conversation die and let her re-initiate, getting more investment from her

Among her very first questions: "are you single" and "can I take a selfie with you".
God, so easy, why was I even playing all those games at all.

I took her with me to explore a few spots on the island, and stopped at a 7-11 on the way to get condoms. I told her to wait for me outside. To avoid making too obvious, I also bought two bananas.
It turned out later that the plausible deniability wasn't needed: this girl didn't even know what condoms were :S. She was born on the island, and had little education, little life experience, and little sexual experience.
You can't truly connect or bond when there is such a gulf between you two. And there can't be true romance.

So my first aim was to have sex on the beach and end the tryst quickly. But this island was far bigger than I expected, and reaching the beach from the main road was not easy.
The second option was to get a room at a resort for 1h. We stopped at a resort and she was cool with it. Unluckily, the staff was asking far too much and I had only little cash with me.

So in the end, I took her back to the city with me and gave her an overall better evening.
The day after was her birthday, after all.

Food: 7/10

I didn't experience anything specifically local and often just got takeaway. But it was good quality.

Beauty: 8/10

Davao sits by the sea, but it also has hills and mountains around.

That makes for a powerful mix, with lots of beautiful views.

This was taken from Jack's Ridge, which is a restaurant sitting on top of one of those hills surrounding the city:

view from jackr's ridge in davao

I could recommend this restaurant for the view and location, but not the food.
I think when the sun is about to go down, it must be truly beautiful. If you're in the area, definitely go there with a date or a girlfriend and open a wine.

General Quality Of Life: 6/10

The beach, the green, the hills... They all contribute to make Davao a nice place.

What's lacking, of course, is what's lacking in 98% of small towns: an international community, smart professionals, entrepreneurs, a group of driven people, truly good-quality food, with shops and restaurant flying their ingredients from their own countries (like mozzarella di bufala, and true parmigiano, lol) etc.
Or even the closeted narcissistic hipsters, trying too hard to be special.
Basically, all the things that you can find in first-world metropolis. That's what also makes me miss Berlin. Sometimes I wish I could split myself, so I could live all kinds of different lives, and be in all kinds of different places at the same time :).

So albeit it's very nice, I wouldn't personally live here or stop for a longer period.

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