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Hi, I'm a 35+ y.o. French guy. (by advance sorry for not perfect English)

I'm pretty interested in how Humans work since a long time (10 years+).
My point of entry was mental manipulation, then 'hypnosis' / 'nlp' (not formal but rather hypnotic principles, and covert) and persuasion.
Far from been an expert, my interest could equally been on non verbal communication, emotion (in general), Palo Alto school ('constructivisme', Watzlawick, Bateson), anthropology (Egward T HAll), réthorique (Clément Victorovitch, that's Iam actually reading), sociology Ect...
Also internal work with varieties of approaches.

But ... I really feel an aversion for every kind of power since always.
But this power dimension was a problem for me for very long time (and absolutely not entirely resolute : why I'm here 😉 in fact I've just admit / realize that's a missing grammar for me.
I need to learn syntax and then change default mode and becoming able to make real time-subtle-but-not-weak adaptations before dynamics set and I've been overflow, because that's a vicious circle.

Either to not have epidermic reaction with tyrans and full of themselves-selfishes not legit authority.

That's it !
I sign up few days ago and hope a lot.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hello density!

Good to see you here man.

That "hypnosis / manipulation" entry point seems to be a common theme for many.

It makes sense in a way, since it feels like the most extreme/powerful thing one can learn right away, and hence the most effective.
Not that it cannot be powerful, albeit the most effective changes tend do be almost always personality-based and addressing and improving the basics (ie.: becoming more power aware, socially effective, and generally higher power/higher value as a person).

Quote from density on November 24, 2022, 9:55 pm

But ... I really feel an aversion for every kind of power since always.

This is also common for many on TPM, I think.

And an aversion to power moves and power players as well.

The good thing is that once you learn how to tackle them, the problem tends to disappear: you know how to handle both, and the "need" to dislike them often disappears.
Not that you like them of course, but you can tolerate them, and make the best out of it.

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