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Get Rich Lucky Bitch: Review (2/10)

Get Rich Lucky Bitch teaches women how to get rich and attract money with the law of attraction.

I'm glad I found this forum so that I can review books I don't like without wasting too much time on them.
I started reading "Get Rich Lucky Bitch" in my effort to find more information about women's challenges in business. But I ended up skimming through it and didn't finish it.

While I think that thinking positive and being grateful is extremely important, you aren't going to attract things in your life without working on your goals and on yourself.
And yet, that's exactly what the author says: that you can attract lottery victories and money just by asking the right way. The whole book basically teaches readers how to "attract them the right way".

I was curious how that was going to work, so I searched for it.
Well, turns out the author recipe is this:

Try it all.
Throw everything at it.
Keep persevering, because attracting stuff is hard work.

Among the things to try:

  • Incantations
  • Hypnosis
  • Fortune tellers
  • Meditation

I didn't find anything that invited readers to get real-world skills, like marketing, persuasion and, you know, getting mastery into something so that you can offer some real value to the world.

To me, that's the dangerous side of self-help.
It tells people to waste time instead of actually working on their goals and on themselves. Even if you fail, working on your goals and yourself will make you a better person and teach you a lot.

"Working" on manifesting stuff will not improve you one bit.

I can't recommend this book -or this approach in general-.
2/10 instead of 1/10 because, beyond the advice on which we very much disagree, the author herself seems a good person.

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