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Insecure = weirdo

Very insecure communication and behavior is not just low power, but has a "weirdo" vibe to it.

A good example:

Except for the voice, which is good, everything else is low power and very insecure.

Among the features:

  • Beats around the bush, rather than being direct
  • Time-wasting approach, no real and strong point to make, reason to call, or request, just random words going nowhere
  • Low power words: "just", "maybe"
  • Self-doubting: "I guess... "
  • Low power requests: "if that would be alright", "if you want tomorrow, you can probably... ".
    If the message was good then some of this approach could be good in the sense of power protecting. But when it's too much and considering all the rest, it's just weirdo low power
  • Filler words everywhere

Of course this is extreme, but the same can be said of general low-power and low-confidence. They tend to have a "weirdo" vibe.

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