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Jakarta: 3/10


  • Beauty Rating: 6 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 6 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

The rating is "6" because the truly beautiful girls are exactly like my type -or at least like my type right now, tastes also change-.
But they're rare.

You can sometimes find them in the more upscale malls -there is not much else to do in Jarkata than go to the mall :S-.

My memories of this place were better than what I found it this time around.

It's a big city, so the chances of hooking up are much higher than in smaller places (the trend is always the same: big cities see more casual sex).
Plus, there is plenty of girls who look for foreigners (I have met several women who have never been with a local guy).

But the overall culture is still more skewed towards long term, with many girls thinking about their marriage, and even making marriage their new year's resolution.

See an example here:

girl asks Lucio if he will marry her

P.S.: you never want to make women feel silly for proposing something serious. It's always an act of honest vulnerability to come forward with one's intention and you should respect it and reward it.
That's why I first take the blame, and then validate her feelings.

Food: 7/10

There is a chain here called "SaladStop!".
Their salads are good. But their muesli and carrot cake are superb.

The carrot cake is not too sweet, which is why I ate so many of them -and loved it.
Put some greek yogurt on top of it, and get ready to taste heaven :).

Beauty: 1/10

Ugly, dirty, and polluted.
There is no saving grace for Jakarta.

General Quality Of Life: 1/10

If there is one way to do something in the most sloppy, ugly, dangerous, or impractical fashion, you can rest assured an Indonesian will find it.

Here are just some examples:

  • Light switch on the wall opposite from the entrance (so you gotta walk there in the dark)
  • The boiler electrical plug at the level of the shower's head
  • The sink wall cabinet right above the sink (your head does not fit beneath it, so you can only use it to wash hands, not brushing your teeth or washing your face in the morning)
  • Swimming pool on the ground floor (pollution is highest at the lowest altitudes)
  • To reach the swimming pool, you must walk through the underground parking area

The last one from a very modern building.
You would truly wonder what were the architects thinking. They build this nice pool, with a nice garden around it... And then to reach it you must walk through a noisy, ugly, smelly underground parking place.

I don't think I will ever visit Jakarta again.
And I recommend that you skip it.
Life is too short not to spend it in beautiful places :).

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Oh, and here is one more entry in the laundry list of sloppiness examples (pun intended).

I just realized the laundry service washed my (formerly) perfectly white shirt with the rest of my colored stuff.
On the plus side, that beautiful yellowish hue will serve as a strong reminder to stay away from Jakarta :).

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?