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Login Procedure and Mobile Access

I am enjoying the purchased content in Power University, however I'd like the login feature to be more easily accessible. Currently I must search through the menu bar at the top of the website and find Power University, then scroll to the bottom to Buy this Course, and then select Login to Continue, to only then search to find the Power University course again in the menu bar. For the price of this quality content, a direct login procedure would be convenient. If I am missing it somewhere on the main page, please inform me.

Also, accessing the information via mobile does not seem to work efficiently. After going through the extensive login process, I have to go through more trial and error clicks to resume the course where I have left off.

Thank you for this concise course on Social Dynamics. It is very fulfilling to understand the wisdom in plain terms, and not having to read every book

Hello Danny,

Yeah, that's a super long process you're currently going through.

3 steps to drastically save you time and effort:

  1. Click the button "remember me" on the login page: see here, I never login, maybe once a month tops.
  2. Save the password: you can save the password in your browser, so the few times you need to log in again, maybe once a month, it's there
  3. Bookmark the course: bookmark this page, then you can reach it through your bookmarks, or as soon as you start typing "power" or "university" it will appear. I personally type "power un" in the browser and it comes up right away
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks for the swift reply. The "remember me" option is working better with the bookmarked tab, but for the price I still think a direct option could be convenient because I log-in to several devices to access the content. The WordPress display isn't the best I've used on my mobile device, but it is working.

Keep up the good content. The wisdom and convenience is worth the price.

Hey Danny,

Glad to hear it improved.

And yes, the navigation / display can be further improved.
It's one of the bigger projects in my roadmap to look into. Whether to keep the current course provider and maybe also get their themes (my preferred options), or to change provider and stick to this theme.

Both options should improve navigability, but they must be tested properly before they're released live.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Looking forward to future content and developments. Cheers.