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Pick-up strategy: the "fabricated high status play" (ie.: forging a mask she's bound to love)

Not necessarily saying this is great or that you should the same.

There are (far) simpler ways of getting laid.

BUT... This could work, and it could help get beautiful status-conscious women or social climbing-starlettes of all stripes.

Here is how it looks:

  1. Phase one – selection: first, Bill and Ted each select a girl they like. The girls selected are a far enough distance apart so they can’t see each other
  2. Phase two – contact and intelligence gathering: after making their choices, Bill and Ted go up to the girl the other has chosen and start up a conversation. After getting the girl’s name – including surname – and a bit of background information, they politely wind up the conversation and slope off.
  3.  Phase three – withdrawal: they reconvene in the Gents where they trade information.
  4.  Phase four – analysis and choosing the new mask to present her: they tap the ‘intel’ they’ve just collected into their mobiles and access the two girls’ Facebook profiles. They then scrutinize the pages for particular ‘likes’ – actors, singers, musicians, TV shows, etc: the more obscure the better – and select a couple they think would go down well.Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the girl who Bill thinks is hot (and who Ted talked to) is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and that the girl who Ted thinks is hot (and who Bill talked to) is big into Coldplay.
  5.  Phase five – prep (change your friend's phone name for a famous man she values): in the list of contacts on his mobile phone Bill changes Ted’s name to Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones) and Ted changes Bill’s to Chris Martin (the Coldplay frontman).
  6.  Phase six – approach: some time later, after emerging from the Gents, Bill and Ted then hit on the girls again. But this time, armed with their public Facebook likes, each of them hit on the ‘other one’ – the one they actually fancy.
  7.  Phase seven – set-up (present yourself based on the intelligence gathered): after steering the conversation into the general direction of what they do for a living, Bill mentions that he happens to work in TV and Ted that he works in music.
  8.  Phase eight – cue 1: at this point, leaving his mobile phone in plain view on the table in front of them, Bill goes to the bar to buy some drinks. He walks past Ted. As soon as Ted clocks him, he calls his mobile.Back at the table the girl sees the phone light up in front of her as it rings. The caller? Peter Dinklage!
  9.  Phase nine – cue 2: a minute or so later after returning to the table – and, all of a sudden, a somewhat more interested companion! – Bill then clocks Ted on his way to the bar. As soon as Ted walks past, Bill returns the compliment.Back at Ted’s table his mobile phone duly buzzes to reveal … you guessed it, none other than Chris Martin on the line!

Phase 10 is that the two guys now have so much value that they invite the girls home and they will most often be happy to follow them.

Quite slimy, in many ways.
And reminiscent of the TV series "How I Met You Mother", which was full of crappy "plays" that would never work in real life.

But this is different. It does rely on solid principles of attraction, and it's based on the "target" personality, which only amplifies its power.

I was intrigued when I read it.




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