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Men must have the power to make her cry

Provocative title, of course.

But look at this very telling scene as an example:

Her: I'm with Therry now
Him: does he make you laugh? (<--- what a fantastic, smooth, covert power move)
Her: he doesn't make me cry

Seemingly, she shot him down.

But the opposite is true.

Who does she really want, deep down?

The guy who makes her laugh, or the one who can make her cry?

And that's the sub-communication power move of this whole scene.

He reminded her that who she truly wants is him and his (darker) power over her.

Of course, it's a movie and not all movies are realistic.
But in this case, it is (except that Therry in truth is also very high power, but you can't get 100% realistic from Hollywood 🙂.

Making her laugh only is a lot more "nice guy".

Dance monkey dance, I crack the jokes and dance around so you can have a good time.

High-energy clown, anyone? 🤡

Is this to say that you should make women cry?

No, of course.
Or not necessarily, and not purposefully, at least.

But it means you should have the leverage and impact that she would cry about you.

Then, once you have that, you can also make her laugh.

But the basis of that laughter should be grounded in power.

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