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Networkign follow-up: share what was cool about them

An interesting approach to networking and potentially very good.

I sent a followup text to someone I had met.

And this is what he replies:

Him: Likewise. I like your grounded but still 'wandering' like a kid energy.

This one was a bit on the "judge-y" side, so you want to be careful not to over-use it.

Especially not with people who may be above you and/or potentially more mentors than equals.

However, the technique in itself to use a compliment and/or positive observation can be golden because:

  1. You stand out from everyone else who mostly write neutral "pleasure to... " messages
  2. You give, through a positive observation / compliment
  3. You self-frame as smart, if you make a good observation/compliment
  4. They like you more, obviously... Because we all think we're great, and think that people who realize how great we are must also be great, right? 🙂

So part of me thought "yeah, I'm grounded... And still have a childlike curiosity to learn more"... This guy gets it!

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