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I recently bought the PU Course, but got in situation where I really need the money spend. I already wrote an e-mail, but got no answere till now and I'm honestly afraid the refund wont work anymore after the 30 days passed without an answere, so I'm writing here, since I've got no idea where to go with this.

What I've read so far was fine, I would like to buy the course another time, but right now I really can't aford it (stupid of me to buy it in the first place, but the refund policy seemed promissing for checking it out).

So please, whoever is responsible for this, message me here or get in contact with me via e-mail.

Otherwise, have a great day and sorry if this isn't right place for such a post.

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Hello Meganz,

Since this is a post that can impact business, let me be clear on the issue:

I reply and refund every single request that comes within the 30 days -luckily it's very few of them-.

I received no email from you, but I could find your order and it's now been refunded.



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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Didn't mean to cause any harm, I'll be a bit more carefull with my wording next time.

The issue has been resolved and I recieved the refund. Thanks Lucio and sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great day!

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Lucio BuffalmanoStef

No harm at all.

If anything, this thread might be positive and show that TPM promptly takes action on refunds :).

But I had to make that clear to avoid arising doubts or fears from other readers.

Cheers meganz, all the best on turning your finances around -and if you're a reader of TPM my money is on it happening real soon :)-.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?