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Saigon, Vietnam: 4/10


  • Beauty Rating: 6.5 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 5 / 10
  • Chance of Hooking up: 6 / 10

Few women speak English, and of those who do, very few speak good English.
Overall, Vietnam is officially a communist country, people are still relatively poor and its inhabitants travel little. If you're a person who works on his education and fitness and if you've been around, you will feel a big disconnect with most locals here.

On the other hand, Vietnamese girls can make for good wife material because the culture here is strongly geared towards long-term dating. Most girls engage in little casual sex and one night stands. If you check the stats you will see that Vietnam is one of the lowest ranked countries when it comes to sexual partner per person, and you can really feel the difference with other SE Asian countries.

One girl from Tinder told me she's forced to use the app because "Vietnamese guys don't like sex". I'm not sure about that, and probably Vietnamese guys think the same of Vietnamese girls.
But that's the feel you get: most people have a long-term mindset.

Like most countries in the area, they love foreigners.
If you're white and well dressed you will get women who stare at you, and if you keep looking at them, they will sometimes even stop (and hope you go talk to them).
That happened to me once even with a girl with a boyfriend, and I regretted not going there to talk to her. Not necessarily do anything with her, but just to understand what the hell was going on and how she could do that while walking holding hands with the boyfriend.

Food: 2/10

Vietnamese food is not my favorite.

But beyond personal tastes, it's difficult to actually find quality food, no matter your tastes.
Some people I met told me the "street food is delicious", but I really can't see what's so delicious about the lowest quality food you can find. It took me a few days to find a couple of good restaurants and I kept ordering takeaway from them.

Beauty: 1/10

There is really not much to see.

General Quality of Life: 3/10

It's relatively cheap and it's warm.
With far less than what you pay in a Western capital you get a studio in modern building with a gym and big pool, and yeah... That's awesome.

swimming pool rivergate residence saigon

But that's about it.
There is just too much traffic, mostly motorbikes, which make the city extremely noisy and polluted. The air pollution is a big problem here.

The central square is nice, but it's a microcosm of all that's bad about Saigon. They call it "walking street", but it's a big rectangle flanked by very busy streets.
So basically you're walking in the middle of traffic.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

The suit is coming out well, though :).

Lucio suit

I wanted a more "cream" color, but they talked me out of it as the color was too similar to my shoes and they talked me out of it.
I think I know what that means: I will soon order another one color cream :).

If you plan on making a tailored suit, go for shorter jacket and more slim fit: they just look better (and especially important if you're not tall).

Tailors tend to do suits for stodgy corporate men, so you gotta insist that they do it really slim fit and really short jacket.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?