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Text & Phone Guide by Kezia Noble: Summary & Review (4/10)

Text and Phone Game is a guide on how to contact women after you’ve already met and exchanged contacts.

Exec Summary

  • If you did a great in person impression texts will make little difference
  • Call soon after she replies to your text
  • Have a quick call after she replies, and schedule something making it sound like you’re busy


About the Author: Kexia Noble has many years of experience being a dating coach for men.
She started out relatively early during the booming phase of dating advice for men and Pick-Up Artists (see “The Game” and “Mystery Method“).
Kezia Noble is also the author The Noble Art of Seducing Women.

If She Likes You, You’re Good With Texts

Kezia Noble starts by saying that if a girl likes you, you can do almost whatever you want in regards to text message and phone calls and it will go well.

However, she adds, 7 out of 10 times women give heir number to men whom they are actually not attracted to yet, so the way you will contact her will make a major difference in many instances.

The author says not go give her too much value until she has earned it.

So your texts have to make an impact and force a positive response all the while demonstrating that you have high value and that your time is precious and limited.

Kezia Noble also says that phone calls are better than texts and your objective should be to get her speaking on the phone.

Ping Text

Kezia says that ping texts are meant to get her attention and break pattern.

They will allow your to gauge whether she’s busy or not to speak and give you an easy way to start convo once you call her.

An example of a ping texts Kezia recommends are:

“Greyhound, Hursky, or Retriever”

If she replies with her favorite type of dog you’re supposed to to reply “wrong answers”, while if she replies with “what do you mean”, you text her back “I’m thinking about buying a puppy silly“, and then whatever she responds, call her in five minutes.

Ginger Text

Kezia suggests as another ping text to ask her if she’s ginger because you couldn’t really tell in the dark environment.

She will usually reply she’s not but she’s XX, to which you respond with “lol, do you have something against gingers”, to which point you call her within five minutes.

Nickname Text

Kezia Noble says you can give a nickname to a girl whom you’ve just met. Let’s say she’s all stylish and you can call her “Gucci girl”.

Your first test could be “hey Gucci girl, I bet you’re having your nail done somewhere”.

If she replies she’s actually not shopping or having her nails done it’s a positive signal as she’s showing her deeper side.

Situational Observation Text

Kezia believes these are the best as they allow her to take a quick glimpse in your great life… Without you inviting them to join in.

For example you can say:

I’m at this beautiful bar with some amazing music, really needed a break, how are you?


I’ve just had the most amazing dinner with some cool people, how was your day?


I’m at this wonderful art exhibition, some beautiful work here, how are you?

She will think how come you didn’t invite her, or that she needs to prove to you she has the same interesting life.
As soon as she replies, call her almost right away.

The Question Text

A bit like a ping text, but they make more of an immediate sense than ping texts.

For example:

I thought about what you said last time… Are you a Sagittarius?

How To Make Calls Work

Kezia recommends never to call on Saturday night and better avoiding Thursdays and Fridays as well.

Monday to Friday during working hours are also to be avoided -and if she has a night job not after 6pm-.

So the author says the best times are often between 9pm and 11pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Kezia says your phone call should be short, 10 minutes max and it’s more about quality than quantity. Your time is precious anyway so you don’t waste too much time on the phone.
The author says you should end the conversation at a high point and then schedule a meet.

You can potentially lead her to ask you by telling her about a bar you visited recently.

A nice trick, the author say, is to make a strong negative comment about the place, so that she will ask you what places you like.
You reply with a very vague statement which anyone would agree on, something like “interesting and open minded people with great energy”. When she says “me too”, mention you know this place you both like.

My Note:
What are the plans the most likely to fail? The ones with too many links. It sounds to me this idea is contingent to too many IFs to work.

Handling Flakes

If she flakes on the day of the date, Kezia says that the best thing is to come across as completely unaffected by it. You tell her no worries and that you’ll reschedule.

if you reschedule right there and then, cancel later on the date yourself without saying when you’re free next, and when she proposes another day you got the power back.


Some tips from Kezia Noble:

  • If she asks you what are you up to always sound like you’re busy or “finally resting a bit”.
  • If she doesn’t pick up, call her right away a second time, and if still nothing, call again in 2 days.
  • Don’t leave messages on the answering machine
  • If she’s distracted, call her out on it

Interestingly, Kezia says that if you got her contact during day time, then it’s best to call her that very same day in the evening because people might feel like they are breaking unspoken / unwritten rules by meeting during the day.

So the guy calling right away keeps that feeling of breaking the rules and brings a sense of excitement and spontaneity. While if you wait too long logic will take over and she will wonder why the hell did she give her number to that random guy.

My note:
I can agree with it. But mostly I’d use it when you can see she was really into you, so you keep the feeling of “moving things quickly” and schedule something as soon as possible.


  • Gamey – Cheesy

Some of Kezia text examples and templates are very gamey for my taste and sounded cheesy when I read them.


A woman’s perspective on dating is always interesting.

I don’t particularly agree with some -most?- of Kezia’s texting suggestions but she’s got some great tips on how to sound busy, fitting her in your schedule and keeping a balanced interaction.



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