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Texting in a perfect way

Hello everyone! I'm sharing something extremely useful related to texting.Use this knowledge for your good 100% working stuff. how? let's find out

A friend of mine who is turely successful with many women in the different age groups even he puts her fiancee in the condition to submit herself to him.

According to him, there are four principles.

1. Sending them good morning text ( which is psychologically wrong but he uses it as ice breaker like

He: Good morning!

She: morning

He : blank until she chips into it for more

Wow! like it is something new for me in texting, as I always suck at texting

2 mini hijacks are here ( 1. she wonders he might say something which actually makes her miss him

2. what kind of guy is he? he doesn't ask me anything except the good morning

Principle no 2. Make her open to you 

it's kind a rapport building and how he does here naturally, when I ask him what kind of questions you ask them and how you respond to their questions? he says " I doesn't even notice", so I give him some examples.

Imagine you and a girl are chatting for half an hour then all of the sudden she says " I'm not into texting you" how you response to this

He : Aren't you here for half an hour texting me? ( I feel he use to response in a more playful way, which keep girls & women interested ) He has got good presence of mind or maybe social intelligence?

2. how he ask questions

Well! I notice that he questions in such a way that woman can't resist to answer him and If women go cold and even response him rude he always holds his ground ( more like staying in his frame)

Principle no. 3 Change texting into sexting 

He : what's your size?

she : 32

He : I really admire this size & always dream to see a girl with this kind of b**bs

Note* He doesn't go this far without building a proper rapport

Principle no. 4  Let's date 

So finally he has got sex. Now he starts ignoring her and he has done this with many although his approach towards his fiancee was a different ( he didn't meet her nor does sex talk unless he got engaged. After the engagement he reveals himself to her & she has said to him ( I can leave my mom for you ) " I'm n't going to believe on anyone against him "she said

My experience 

I try texting good morning to some girls and I find it works well in two cases. 1 when girl comes to you first 2. on Ex-girlfriend ( He says try sending them good morning text unless they start sending you good morning text first)

Note* how you ask questions & how you answer them matters alot ( I get result, although I was really bad in this) Thanks to him for sharing such useful information. I would like to listen sometime from you people too. Cheers everyone

Edit* A single not* was missing in the sentence  *I'm not into texting you*if I don't edit that may ruin the whole thread, so it's necessary to edit





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