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Travel with a trolley (high-power), not a backpack (low-power)

Do you know those big travel backpacks, that wrap around you and are as tall as your head, or even taller?

The stereotypical backpacker backpack.

Well, that's what that one communicates:

I'm poor.

Even if you are, that's not necessarily the message you want to send.

Backpacks are for hiking and camping. Keep them exclusively for those destinations.

The big ones are the worst.
You put them on, and then start trudging slowly, with your back hunched over under their weight:

How does it look like?
It looks like a beast of burden.
And powerful and driven people don't exactly enjoy being beasts of burden.
When you hunch over under the weight of your backpack, you immediately position yourself as someone low in power and in a rather low position in the social totem pole.

That's why you rarely see hot girls traveling with those.
Hot women don't put all the weights on themselves: they find people to do it for them.
If it's women, it's white girls almost all the time. Often the less good looking ones, from Northern Europe, who studied some humanities' related stuff -maybe gender studies-.

Backpacks Say "I'm Roaming Aimlessly Through Life"

If you're traveling with any of these outside of trekking paths, big backpacks say:

I wanted to travel because I don't like the life I had.
I needed a break, "find myself", decide what I want in life, and I hoped that moving around would help me with that.

If you're still young, that might be OK.
But the sooner you move out that phase, the sooner you can move into adulthood.

Backpacks say "I'm meandering through", while a trolley says "I know where I'm going and I'm gonna get there"

Trolleys Are For the Professionals

People who are higher up don't bring their whole kitchen with them.
And they're not "looking for themselves" because they know who they are and what they want.

These people travel with a trolley, which says: I'm a professional, I respect my time, and I look for what's efficient.
I can afford to buy something along the way and I can afford to eat out.

You don't see any backpack at top hotels. All trolleys, that someone else will carry.

You can be equally adventurous with a trolley.
And you can be equally on a  budget.
And just a tad bit cooler.

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