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Ultimate Power's "Add to Cart" link directs to a "Page not found" error

Maybe I missed an announcement, but the Ultimate Power "Add to Cart" link is directing to an error page.

It's been like this for the past couple of days.

Initially, I thought it was an error on my end (and it still might be). But, now that some time has passed, I figured it's time I mentioned it.

Is anyone else having the same result?

Hello Ali,

Yes, good catch.

That started first with an experiment to remove the "Easy Digital Download" plugin, which was a plugin the website had for the 2 ebooks only.
After removing it the website was faster, so I decided to never re-install it.

At first, I sought an alternative solution for the ebooks.
But the alternative solution, based on redirect after checkout, was clunkier -some browsers stop redirects-.
So you'd get people writing "I bought it, but didn't receive anything".

So the way forward became:

  1. Re-install EDD (didn't want to do that)
  2. Find a better solution (doable, but a whole project on its own)

So I started thinking if having ebooks separated from the courses made sense.

From a business perspective, it was good.
It added some income, plus it also made the upsell in the courses look more appealing (since the upsell was 50% off the standalone ebook).

But one of the biggest strikes against the ebooks was that a percentage of each sale becomes a future liability.
Such as, you always get someone to write:

  1. I lost my copy, send one more
  2. There is an update, send me one
  3. My phone broke, send it again

Paradoxically, the more you'd sell, the more future work you'd box yourself in.
And if I wanted to keep running TPM as simple and time-effective as possible, then the easiest solution of not having ebooks as separate products started making a lot of sense.
It's still not meant as a "final" solution, which is why the buttons are still there and I hadn't communicated about it.
But since right now I'm fully focused on SU -and later on finishing the PU update, and later ebooks updates-, then shelving the ebooks was the most sensible decision.
Plus, the ebooks as they are right now will soon improve, and I never feel good selling something that I know will be better in a matter of months.

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Claudiu Iana
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Some possibilities came to mind:

  • Stating that losses of book copies and sending updates are not responsibilities of the seller
  • Put the ebook behind a password like your book reviews
  • Create a separate course with LearnDash and put the ebook link there
  • Use a managed solution like Payhip
    Example: Breakfast Eats and Protein Treats

There's a free version of Payhip too, so they earn purely on the 5% commission.
The incentive for upgrading is to reduce the commission to 2% for plus or to none for pro.

I noticed the subscription options for reading articles may not be working as well.
That may be my browser issue though.