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Underboss: new entry in the best power resources

Just finished summarizing the book "Underboss"

It's a new entry in the "best books on power", straight at #2.

One of the greatest lesson learned:

Machiavellianism is an important skill to develop.
But too much Machiavellianism, as a mindset, can be counterproductive. makes you come across as overly sneaky and conniving, untrustworthy and reduces your power to persuade and collaborate.

Of course, the peak of Machiavellianism would be to be Machiavellian, without looking so.
But that's a tall order.

Most "Machiavellian" folks tend to lose themselves in the short-term gain, at the detriment of the long-term.

In the words of the author, as he taught that lesson to an associate:

‘You’re right, they can’t do nothing, but you know what will happen with that?

Everybody in the world will hear about it.
For everybody in the world we do work with, it’ll be Sammy does work and makes money, all well and good. If he loses money, he’ll abandon you.

How do you think that’ll sit with people, Eddie?
This will be the best two hundred thousand I’ll ever spend because people will say not only is Sammy qualified to do the job, but he’ll stay with you, win or lose.’

“’That’s important to businesspeople, Eddie,’ I said. ‘

That’s why you were never successful in business. Because you scheme too fucking much.’

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I ordered it. Thanks for the recommendation!