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Vigan, Philippines: 7/10

Women: 7/10

  • Beauty Rating: 7 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 7 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 7 / 10

The general trend is confirmed: the most attractive and driven women don't usually hang around the provinces, but go to the big cities.

Girls stare at foreigners but often consider them too outside their reality (or reach).

However, smaller towns are great for "hidden flowers".
The girls who haven't yet realized their potentials, or who are overall high-value and high-class but just prefer a more relaxed and comfortable life.

These make for great women to get in a relationship with.

Food: 8/10

Empanada is the most famous local food.
It's a bit like a calzone, and deep-fried. But it's good.

Overall, the food is good. But you need to pick the right places -Google reviews always help-.

Beauty: 9/10

Vigan is a UNESCO world heritage center.
It boasts whole streets with intact houses from the days of the Spanish colonization.

Sit in a restaurant in a second-tier, less crowded street, and look around.

Imagine how it was to travel back in those days of colonization.
Get into a ship, without GPS or any digital aid. Navigate huge expanses of potentially deadly water, going to mysterious places nobody in your country even know exist.
Heck, the first explorer didn't even where they were going to.
You know nothing about the places you will be reaching, including the language.

How do you communicate?
What will you do there?
How about potentially hostile indigenous people?
How about the food there, or the women.
And how about all the opportunities that lay there, waiting for you?

Wow, those were the days for real adventurers.

The Romantic Fountain Show

There is a nice beautiful fountain show.

And it went straight to my favorite fountain show ever.

Most of all, because of the last song.
The last song is Andrea Bocelli's "Con Te Partiro'". Not only it's a melodic masterpiece, but it's also about romance and travels.

Needless to say, it spoke directly to my heart and deeply moved me.
I didn't miss a single show.

General Quality Of Life: 5/10

Vigan is a great place to visit.

But you don't want to live here.
Outside that beautiful old town, this is small town in the middle of nowhere.

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