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What is the fine line between Feeding and Trailing Filler Words?

Feeding is used while talking to ask for a nod of approval.

Trailing fillers are insecure expression added at the end of the sentence.

Now let's take a look at some examples.

-We will stay late tonight ...ok? (Ok used as trailing filler word example in margin call video)

- You will all scream at the end of this sentence.... well?( Well used as trailing filler word example in section 2.2 of submissive words)

- why did did you do it hmm??


To me it seems like adding an interrogation tone to the trailing filler words turn them into feeding.

in this case which gets the point Power or submission?

Hello AR,

Link the videos please as it makes it so much easier for everyone to see, hear, and compare.

To link at the exact minute, right click on the loading bar, and select "copy at the current time" (or something like that)

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Thanks for the reply Lucio.

Right at the beginning of the video, the guy on screen says

"When you felt amazing okay for some reason"

He rushes through the sentence and loses a power point with the filler word.

If instead he went like

"When you felt amazing Okay? (Pause).... For some reason"

If he did this would he convert the filler expression into a feeding expression? Would you not deduct a power point from him if he did this instead of what he did in the video?

Some real life examples where seemingly filler words seemed like power words used on me.

1. My mentor does this. When I do something not right like forget to do something, he goes like.

Why didn't you do that...... Hmmm?

If I didnt do something obvious, I ignore the initial question( with shame mind you). But When he does the hmm it exaggerates the feeling of shame and compels me to respond in a squeaky voice.

2. Australians whom I have come across use an expression "yea??" At the end of their statements, that doesnt really create a pressure, but sure feels like a 1 up move.

Example: we will go tomorrow.. yea?

So would it be correct to generalise 

Using tailing filler expression with a questioning tone and pausing at the end, converts the tailing filler into a feeding expression?











Yes, you got it right, the ones in your examples are not "tail filler words", but either:

  • Instruments of pressure - the "hmmm" of your mentor
  • Instruments for confirmation - the "yeah" of the Australians

I actually use the "yeah" as well, it makes for quicker and easier confirmation for the receiver.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?