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Yogyakarta: 5/10


  • Beauty Rating: 3 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 4 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 8 / 10

The chances of hooking up are high if you're a foreigner, otherwise, the culture is very skewed towards long term dating.
But as a foreigner, you get a huge boost (one girl offered me her virginity if I took her with me, and more than once girls asked me to take pictures with them).

Some women will be nervous to talk to you as a foreigner.
Some guys like that because it makes them feel powerful. But it undermines any true connection, which only forms between people who feel more like equals.

I expected Indonesian girls to be much better here, though.
Maybe I was unlucky, but I walked for hours around here and seeing a pretty girl was very rare.

Food: 8/10

On the plus side, I liked the food.

Most of all, I love their chicken and beef on a skewer.
It reminded me of "arrosticini", which is a true delicacy of where I come from (except in Abruzzo it's with sheep meat). And the sauce they cook it and serve it with... Maaan, I'm gonna miss that. Really delicious.

Beauty: 5/10

On the plus side, the traffic is not too bad and they have a big pedestrian street with where in the evening people can walk around and chill.

There are cafes and ice cream parlors as well, but mostly it's clothing vendors, and that in my opinion detracts a bit from the experience.

General Quality Of Life: 5/10

Not too bad, but nothing great either.
It feels like a backwater city, but without the beauty of nature and landscapes.
Definitely not a city where I would live.

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