High-Performance Habits: Summary & Review

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In High-Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard answers the question of what differentiates high performers from the rest.

It’s not bad, but there is nothing new or earth-shattering either.

Bullet Summary

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Get breaks so you can stay energetic till the end
  • Love the struggle

Full Summary

Seek Clarity

High performers focus on what matters, which helps them filter through what doesn’t matter to only spend energy on what’s important.

Generate Energy

Brendon says that a big difference between normal people and higher performers is their level of energy throughout the day. Most people lose energy long before the day ends.

Effective performers instead are able to quickly recharge their batteries between tasks. The secret is to take micro-breaks between tasks. For example, going from your desk to a meeting, you could close your eyes, meditate for a second and put yourself in the state of energy that you need for the meeting.

The author suggests you do the same with micro-breaks every 45 or 60 minutes.

Raise Necessity

Brendon says that the top performers associate a sense of identity with great performance. They have a way (read Start With Why). The author recommends you think about whom needs you to be at your top level -could be your family, spouse, or customers.

My Note: I agree with the necessity and with tying it to your identity. At the same time, I would recommend not to put the pressure of winning on yourself. Put the pressure on doing your best. Read more on my anti-fragile identity guide.

Increase Productivity

Brendon says highly effective people increase productivity by focusing on what matters. And they think of all the steps it takes to achieve what matters and focus on them.
If it’s a matter of skills, they’ll work tirelessly in acquiring those skills.

Develop Influence

Burchard says people who yield a big influence do two things:

  1. Change the way people think
  2. Challenge people to grow

Most interesting of all for me, was Brendon saying that some of the best influencers have a giving mindset and believe they are making a difference.

Demonstrate Courage

The author says that highly effective people do things in the face of hardships and risks:

  1. They are willing to speak up and share their truth
  2. They expect, respect, and often love the struggle

high performance habits book cover

Real-Life Applications

Prioritize Health
Take care of your rest, nutrition, and recharging breaks.

Make Your Own Mood
Don’t wait for joy, happiness, or whatever feeling you want to happen. Make it happen.


There’s a lot of referencing to online courses and material on his website. There’s also an assessment you can take on his website… If you leave your email. I’m not a big fan of those marketing techniques (check my Tai Lopez article).

The book is longish, it could have been made shorter.


The concept of “High-Performing Habits” is similar to Tools of Titans in the sense that it lists a few insights into what successful people do.

I didn’t find anything earth-shattering, but it’s not too bad either.

In more frank words, it means you can probably skip it.

Read more summaries or get the book online.

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