How to Write Seductive Web Copy: Summary & Review

how to write seductive web copy

How to Write Seductive Web Copy by Henneke Duistermaat is a book on copywriting for small business owners or freelancers.

Bullet Summary

  • Find out who is your ideal customer and write for him/her
  • Don’t use specs and features but benefits and problems. You need to test if it for your audience benefits are better or if stirring problems is
  • Make your text look good: most people scan instead of reading and put a call to action on every page

Full Summary

How to Write Seductive Web Copy is short and to the point, divided into 6 easy sections.

1. Who Are You Writing For?

Henneke says that the biggest mistake writers do is trying to write for everyone. When you try to everyone, you’re really not writing for anyone.
The second mistake, she says, is to write what you want to write instead of what people want to read.

My Note:
I don’t agree with that second part. I think that by being authentic you naturally attract the readers that vibe and like your personality. This allows you to be yourself and write what you love while you still write for someone: those who are like you (or want to be like you).

Instead, says Henneke, you should write for your ideal reader.
If you don’t have one, it’s time to sit down and come up with your ideal reader.

2. Benefits and Problems

People are not interested in you. And not even in your products. They are interested in what you or your product can do for them.
Features and specifications are dull.
Talk about the befits for them instead and the problem you solve.

The author says that even benefits can be dull and she asks whether problems to avoid are more powerful than benefits and pleasure to gain.
She says that depends on your audience and you need to test it.

3. Your Value Proposition

The value proposition is what you put under the headline in bullet points.
Henneke says that the bullet points need to be credible, concise, and clear. And they all need to follow the same structure (ie.: if the first is one line, then you should try to make all the other bullets fit in one single line).

4. How to Write Persuasive Website Content

Everything should support your selling efforts on your website.
Even your About page is not really about you, it’s about what’s relevant for your customers.

Make People Nod

I liked the idea Henneke introduce of “making people nod” with your copy.
Once you know who your ideal prospect is, you can introduce your copy with questions designed to make the reader nod. For example:

Are you tired of being single?

Would you like to have a loving life partner?

Stand Out Call to Action

Each of your pages should have a standout call to action. In different colors, or in bigger letters.

5. How to Edit Your Text

Use short paragraphs, with four sentences maximum.
Read your copy again and cut all the unnecessary and redundant information.
If an adjective or a word doesn’t add value, remove it. Especially, eliminate all superlative. Let the reviewers laud you, don’t do it yourself.

how to write seductive web copy

Real-Life Applications

Check Amazon Reviews for Ideal Reader
If you are not yet sure who your ideal reader is, you can check Amazon reviews for products in your category. Reading who they are and what they liked about the product can help you come up with the ideal reader (note though that many reviews are fake, as many authors launching books have teams for piloted reviews).

Don’t Make Testimonials Too Sugary
Don’t make your testimonials too over-the-top sugary or they’ll lose credibility.

Use Picture Captions
Captions are one of those “highly read” bits of information in your copy. Use it!


How to Write Seductive Web Copy is short and to the point and with lots of great tips I have taken away from it. However, maybe I wished it were a bit longer.


Great Wisdom
I learned a lot from this book.


How to Write Seductive Web Copy was a really good read for me.
It’s mostly for freelancers and small businesses who have a 3-4 pages website, but I could still take a bunch of great nuggets of wisdom out of it. As a result of this book, I edited a few of my products and I believe that both the products and my knowledge, have improved.

Therefore, I can recommend How to Write Seductive Copy.

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