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highly sensitive person

This highly sensitive person test is based on the pioneering work of researcher Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person.
It’s an updated and expanded version of her own test, and I find it highly predictive of HSP.

Answer “true” if they are somewhat true and “false” if it’s not very true or not true at all.

  1. I am more aware than most of the subtleties in my environment
  2. I am easily influenced by other people’s mood
  3. I am very sensitive to pain (more than most)
  4. During busy days I feel the need to get some privacy and relief. Possibly to withdraw into a dark room or into bed
  5. Caffeine has a strong effect on me
  6. I am very sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, coarse fabrics, and strong smells
  7. I have a rich, complex inner life
  8. Loud noises make me uncomfortable
  9. Arts and music move me deeply
  10. I am conscientious
  11. I get easily startled
  12. I get rattled when I have little time and much to do
  13. I am good at fixing the environment when people are uncomfortable (ie.: change seating, closing a window, changing the lighting.. )
  14. I am annoyed when people shove too many things at once on my plate
  15. I try hard to avoid mistakes
  16. I avoid violent movies
  17. I become unpleasantly aroused when a lot is happening around me
  18. Hunger disrupts my concentration or mood
  19. Changes in my life shake me up
  20. I enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, works of art
  21. I take care of arranging my life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations
  22. Competitions unnerve me and I tend to perform poorly
  23. Being observed performing makes me nervous and I do much worse
  24. My parents or teachers saw me as sensitive or shy
  25. Loud clubs or bars overwhelm me and I prefer to avoid them

If you answer yes to more than 13 questions, chances are you are a highly sensitive person.
Sensitivity is a spectrum, which means people can be mildly sensitive or extremely sensitive. That means that the more yeses you answer, the more sensitive you likely are.
If you answer less than 13 but above 5-6, chances are that you are mildly sensitive.

highly sensitive person

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