Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: Summary & Review

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Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy is your guide to surviving a breakup and making him run back to you. Thus, it’s especially geared towards women who want to get their man -and their relationship- back.

Bullet Summary

  • Avoid contact after a breakup
  • Resume a happy life. And if he can see that, all the better
  • Only take him back if he shows he’s serious about moving forward

Full Summary

About The Author: Leslie Braswell is an author of female dating strategies books.

“Ignore The Guy, Get The Guy” never openly states so, but it’s geared towards maximizing the chances of you two getting back together.
I’m personally not sure that’s the healthiest mindset to have, but that’s your decision.


Leslie Braswell says that how you handle the post-break makes the difference in either making him run further away or making him come crawling back for another chance.

Chapter 1: Why No Contact Works

No contact immediately after the break up is the only way to go, implies Leslie Braswell.

She says that controlling your emotions will be the hardest part. But it’s key because women who fall apart communicate unattractive neediness and no emotional control.
No contact is the best medicine because:

  • Hides your true state (that you’re falling apart)
  • Communicates you’re no longer his (and men want what they can’t have)
  • Gives him space to miss you
  • Shrouds you in an air of mystery (what is she up to?)
  • You more easily move on (keeping in touch makes you stay loyal to him)
  • It’s the only way to know if he really wants you back

When he contacts you first, let him wait before you reply. If he sends an empty text such as “what a great day today”, don’t reply. Texts without a scope serve nothing: you’re not out for a chat, he either wants you back, or he’s a time waster.

Leslie Braswell says you keep the silent treatment until he’s 100% serious about getting you back.

Chapter 2: The Aftermath of a Breakup

The author says that it’s OK to take the first week to mourn and be sad. Use this time to analyze what went wrong and how you contributed to it.

After that week, it’s time to move on:

  • Change phone ringtone (so you don’t run checking texts hoping it’s him)
  • Always dress well
  • Keep the old messages, use pain as a reminder: love shouldn’t hurt, it wasn’t real love
  • Set weekly “no contact reminders” and reward yourself at the end of each week

Chapter 3: The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Leslie Braswell says knowing the emotions you will experience will make it easier for you to endure them.
The emotions are:

  1. Shock
  2. Denial
  3. Anger -obsessively asking what went wrong-
  4. Negotiate -in this phase, you want to talk to him to fix it-
  5. Acceptance

But the author says that smart women don’t negotiate: they have a take-it-or-leave-it approach and don’t do compromises.
However, she doesn’t believe that once it’s broken it’s gone forever. But don’t take that as a motivation to pursue him: he has to show you first. And he has to put in the effort.

Leslie says you will know if he really wants it: when a man loves you, he makes you his priority. That is simple (same concept Greg Behrendt espouses in He’s Just Not That Into You).

Chapter 4: What a Man Expects After a Breakup

Leslie Braswell says a man will expect you to contact him, and possibly to fall apart.

And that’s when you’ll throw him a curve ball.

She says in three weeks he will realize you’re not really seeking him, and after four weeks he’ll wonder what are you up to. But if he hasn’t reached out in eight weeks, he has moved.

Breakup Power Move

Leslie Braswell says you should bounce back and have fun -and possibly let him know that-. When he catches wind of that, it’s gonna be a big hit to his ego.

How He Broke Up

The author says that a telephone breakup is only acceptable in long-distance relationships.
Otherwise, anything else outside face-to-face is a no-no to even consider getting back together.

You Can’t Be Friends

It doesn’t work when there are still feelings because the breakup never really ends and it only gets messier.
And there’s another slimier reason why he’d want to stay friends: he’s not really sure and wants to keep you as an option.

I loved the author’s suggestion on what to reply when he gives you the “let’s be friends” BS. You smile and say “sure”. And if he calls you to be friends, ignore it.

My note:
this is also my suggestion on how to turn down a date with class. And what Carrie does when meeting his ex with a kid.

Chapter 5: Cut Him Off Completely

The author says it feels to you like you you’ve lost the love of your life, but you only actually need to give your body the time to re-balance from the oxytocin chemical.

Don’t Have Sex With Him

The author says that men want sex while women seek security. That’s why until he’s providing you with security you shouldn’t give sex.

My note:
Lambert says during breakups men look for new women while women stay loyal. So no sex breakup. Either together, or nothing.

Chapter 6: Hide Your Crazy

Chapter 6 of Ignore The Guy Get The Guy can be boiled down to this: you can have a nervous breakdown, but never act on it or show it.

The example is that of a former female astronaut who, obviously, didn’t hider her crazy. Lisa Nowak drove hours on astronaut diapers to assault his ex’ new girlfriend -oh, and in case you’re wondering, the diapers served to avoid wasting time on biological breaks during the drive-.

The author poignantly asks: do you think her ex would ever consider getting back together after that?

Chapter 7: Handling a Breakup Through Facebook and Twitter

Leslie Braswell recommends you delete him from your friends list and quietly take down the pictures of you two together.

Wait a few days before changing your relationship status and change it privately.

Keep posting the same way you used to post before the breakup, so you won’t show any signs of emotional trauma.

Chapter 8: How Long You Must Go Without Contact

The author says if you two shared something meaningful he’ll probably get in touch within thirty days.

If he doesn’t contact you within sixty days, your relationship is probably over for good.

My Note:
I don’t totally agree.
There are women whom I felt so good with that I’d be ready to reconsider at any time.
But that’s not to say that you should count on that!

Chapter 9: Get Your House In Order

Leslie Braswell has a few tips on moving on:

  • Tell yourself there’s no other option but to move on
  • Join classes
  • Make yourself beautiful and go out (maybe on girls’ night out)
  • Be open to give and receive (new) love
  • Change your style: some hair highlights for example
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • Clean / fix the house
  • Remove all his pictures from the sight

Chapter 10: Skyrocket Your Self Confidence

Leslie Braswell says that self-confidence is something you develop.

She says you should develop your own rules and value, and not simply accept what society feeds you (I agree, check my guide on how to build a strong identity).
Other tips she shares:

Chapter 11: How To Make Mr. Ex Miss You

Leslie Braswell says you should give him less attention than he gives you after the breakup.

And when you get in touch, don’t say everything about yourself. Be a mystery, leave him guessing.

I especially liked in this chapter Kate Middleton’s example.
The author says she’d bet Kate was destroyed after Prince William broke up with her. But she gave the opposite impression. She worked out and got in shape, she organized charity events and enjoyed the nightlife. And Prince William went back to her.

Leslie Braswell says you might not have photographers to chronicle your life, but you can use the power of social media.

Men are like cats: chase and they’ll run. Ignore them and they’ll come purring

Chapter 12: What You Should Do to Get Him Back

Braswell suggests you focus on yourself and on becoming the best woman you can be.

Chapter 13: Be Smart With Your Heart

The author says women crave a hand to hold on to or a chest to sleep on, but relying on someone else to make them happier is not good in the long term.

And she says you should first love yourself before anyone can love you.

And most of all, don’t get bitter, and don’t let past relationships hold you back to move toward new -and possibly better- relationships.


The author has a list of frequently asked questions. Get the book for more.

ignore the guy the guy book cover


Ignore The Guy Get The Guy has useful content, but the book could have been (much) briefer.

Getting Back?
Leslie seems mostly hell-bent on making him miss you so that he might come back. I’m not too sure that’s a very healthy mindset and in some cases, you might be better served with a “let’s find a better guy mindset”.


Good book, easy to read and the concepts make a lot of sense.

You will definitely increase your chances of getting back together or moving ahead faster by following Leslie’s tips.

I also appreciate the fact that Leslie doesn’t take any moral high ground on the reader.
She admits it’s difficult and it’s a tough time. I appreciate when authors show a vulnerable side instead of pontificating while hiding behind a pen.

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