Finding Your Dream Job


Welcome to this course’s first module on professional networking!

In today’s job market, knowing how to network can give you an unfair advantage over other professionals in your industry. Knowing both how to start building a strong professional network and how to leverage that network into job opportunities are two key factors that can swing the pendulum of luck in your favor.

And, these following three modules will give you the scripts, templates, and strategies to start developing your professional network to increase your chances of career success.

The focus will be on how to use professional networking to score your dream job, including how to identify and connect with relevant professionals, how to conduct meetings with those professionals, and how to strategically leverage the network you’ve built to win an interview and job offer from the company you actually want to work for.

By the end of this section of modules, you will have a solid understanding of how to use networking to skip the line of applicants, get direct access to VIPs in your dream company, and position yourself so that, once you get the job, you can use the connections you’ve made in the company to start achieving early success in your career fast.

To start, this first module will cover how to go about searching for your dream job, eventually finding it, and verifying that it’s truly a fit for you.

There will be some insights from gurus such as Ramit Sethi as well as my own spin on certain approaches, methods, and ideas.

Let’s begin.

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