Quiz: When People Roast You For a Mistake


We all make mistakes.

And sometimes the people around are sympathetic and help us move on. Some other times, they’ll laugh about it, which is a form of status-climbing.
Well, be it, not everyone can be cool.

But sometimes you will meet someone who will do their best roast you for as long as possible.

It’s not an easy situation because if you get angry or don’t laugh it looks like you have no sense of humor and take yourself too seriously.
But at the same time, you are losing social status against the attacker if you let them dictate the interaction.

What to do then?

This quiz shows you to handle these situations.

The news anchor here makes a big blunder by confusing Samuel L. Jackson for someone else.
But Samuel L Jackson pounces on it as if he wanted to take his scalp for what, after all, is a simple mistake.

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