Be a Sales Superstar: Summary & Review (Brian Tracey)

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Be a Sales Superstars teaches salespeople how to become a sales superstar both through the mindsets and the techniques of selling.

Full Summary

About The Author: Brian Tracy needs no introduction for most. He is one of the most popular self-help gurus, a high-ticket international speaker, and a world-renowned sales coach.

And here is what it takes to become a sales superstar:

#1. Ambition

Top salespeople see themselves as being able to be the best.
Make a commitment to becoming among the best 10%.

#2. Courage

You can’t be great in sales without first conquering the fear of rejection and criticism. Repeat yourself “I can do it”

#3. Commitment

Top achievers commit to their craft.

Make a decision to commit to what you’re selling, commit to your company, commit to helping your customers, and commit to yourself.

#4. Professionalism

Top salespeople see themselves as consultants.

This is important, Brian Tracey says, because how the person feels about you in the back of their mind is key to whether or not they’ll buy from you.

And if they feel like you’re a salesman, they might have some reservations.
If they feel like you’re a consultant, they’ll be much more open.

Brian Tracey says that people take you at your evaluation of yourself and then look for confirmation in your behavior. If you present yourself as a consultant people will tend to accept you as such.

I quote him for a great way of doing just that:

“thank you for your time, please relax, I’m not here to sell you anything, I see myself more as a consultant than a salesperson.
All I want to do is ask you a few questions and see if my company can help you in a cost effective way.
But I am more of a consultant than a salesperon”.

After such an intro, customers were far more open and more likely to buy and refer friends.

#5. Preparation

Sales superstars review all the notes before a sales call.

#6. Continuous learning

Top salespeople spend between 5 and 10 times more time and money on learning.

Brian Tracey also speaks about a friend of his who would not hire any salesperson who didn’t read and keep informing himself.

#7. Responsibility

Top salespeople see themselves as president of their own sales corporation and they view themselves as self-employed.

They refuse to make excuses or blame anyone else for anything in their life they’re not happy with.

Their motto is: if it’s to be, it’s up to me.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me

#8. Make Every Minute Count

Top salespeople always ask themselves:

what’s the best use of my time now?

Brian Tracey also often repeats to turn your car and your commute into a learning opportunity: listen to audiobooks, and CDs and make use of that time. I couldn’t agree more.

My Note:
It’s not just sales superstars who make every minute count; it’s very efficient people the whole world over.

#9. Sales Superstars Tips

And here is a list of what it takes to become a sales superstar:

  1. Act as if it were impossible to fail 
  2. Build long-term relationships
  3. Build credibility with every prospect: a prospect you treated well and professionally today is a customer tomorrow. A customer you treated well today is an evangelist tomorrow
  4. Handle objections effectively
  5. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything
  6. Keep your sales funnel full
  7. Set clear income and sales goals: and divide them by the hour
  8. Divide your territory strategically: always schedule your meetings geographically closer so you will meet more people per day

be a sales superstar book cover


All material I have read or listened to from Brian Tracey is top-notch, and Be a Sales Superstar is no exception.

You can read here a summary of what I liked the most from Brian Tracey here.
Or you can get Be a Sales Superstar on Amazon.

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