Social Mastery Guide

Social Mastery Guide

A Complete, No BS Guide To Mastering Social Skills

Studies show social relationships are the biggest determinant of an happy and satisfactory life (Diener & Seligman) while Robert Greene says that success without social intelligence is not real and will not last.

However you slice it, social skills skills are possibly the most importance competence you should focus on in your life. Social Mastery Guide is here to help you along.

This guide will cover, as quickly as possible, all the basics you need to go from awesome but socially underdeveloped caterpillar to awesome social master gracing the people around with his presence


Social Mastery Guide starts from yourself and your mindsets, then goes into the social skills you need, and finishes with the social knowledge and reading recommendations.

  • Mindsets
    • Growth Mindset
    • Identity
    • Other useful mindsets
  • Social Skills
  • Social Knowledge


Any external improvement goes hand in hand with an internal improvement. And social skills are no exception: they start with you.
Below are the most important mindsets you need to develop.

#1. Develop a Growth Mindset

At the core a growth mindset says that you can get better -grow, indeed- in whichever endeavor you choose.
A growth mindset is at the core of any meaningful improvement effort, including improving your social skills.

To develop a growth mindset you must..

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#2. Develop an Ego to Help You Move Forward

You probably think of yourself as not good with people.
And you’re ashamed of “looking bad in public”.
That’s all normal, but to improve socially, we need to change.

You will build here an identity that will support your new social persona through beliefs and actions. You will become the kind of person who enjoys social interactions -both successful and unsuccessful-.
Your ego will not stand in the way anymore but it will grow stronger with failures.

To do that, you first need to choose the right identities for yourself, which are..

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#3. Further Key Mindsets

The two biggest foundation are growth mindset and identity + ego. The following ones are also very helpful:

Social Knowledge

Check out:

Social Skills

#1. Remove Physical Fear: Martial Arts

I understand it might be odd that the very first item on a social skills guide is to “learn to fight”. After all socializing is about making friends, adding value and bringing people up, right?

Right! That’s true.
Yet, when it comes to a lot of social fears people have, it’s often rooted in visceral physical fear, and that’s where martial arts…

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#2. Learn How Not to Be a Social Burden

Before starting to get good with people, you want to avoid the typical behavior that make you bad with people.
These articles show you the biggest mistakes that make people social burdens.
Start avoiding all of those traits and behavior, understand the psychology of why they’re bad, and you will already be in neutral position (quite something!).


 Power University Replaces It

My initial goal was to make the best compendium on social skills ever.

But I turned this guide into a much better product, which is now the flagship course of this website.

Eventually, I will also update this guide with free resources and links to go from social burden to social master.
Still, Power University will take you exactly there and beyond.

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