The Feminist Lie: Summary & Review

the feminist lie book cover

The Feminist Lie purports to present readers wit hall the lies and ugly truths of feminism.
It debunks many myths and, somewhat convincingly, dismantles the overall idea that women are at a disadvantage in society.

Bullet Summary

  • There’s no male patriarchy
  • Women have an advantage in today’s society, not a disadvantage
  • Men should be careful with the legal system (divorce, fake rape) as it’s skewed to favor women

The Feminist Lie – Summary

About The Author: Bob Lewis is a pseudonym. As far as I know, the real author’s identity is not known.
Albeit I would have preferred a real name, I don’t see any particular issue with that.

Types of Feminism 

The author says there are two main types of feminism.

One is about females’ choices, and the other one overlaps with Marxist ideology puts the group first, and says that feminists cannot be oppressors.

But both of them believe in an invisible system of oppression against women that they call “patriarchy”.

The Lie of Patriarchy and Male Privilege

The author has a quick excursus of world history, pointing out several successful and powerful women.

A point, he says, which should deny there ever was a patriarchy.

My note:
Albeit I’m not a big believer in patriarchy, circumstantial evidence is no definite proof of anything. This is an inductive reasoning fallacy, also read Fooled by Randomness.

The author says men are enjoying no privilege.
For example, most men are homeless, but it’s women who disproportionately are welcomed into shelters.

Feminism Is Responsible for Fatherless Families

Bob Lewis says that feminism is somewhat directly responsible for the rise in crime.


Because feminism leads to more divorces. And children growing up without a father are more likely to veer into an unlawful life.

I agree that it’s best for children to have both parents, but I’m not fully convinced that feminism is directly responsible for the higher incidence of divorces.
Sure, bitter women who hate men are less likely to make for happier marriages which in turn makes it more likely that marriages will end. But is it feminism’s fault or is it just that some women are naturally difficult to live with, feminism or non-feminism?
Maybe there’s a relationship between feminism’s adoption and broken marriages, but I wouldn’t feel like endorsing the idea that feminism is a (major) contributor to the rise of crime.

The author also says that the feminists’ war on marriage is also leading more men to suicide, and he cites a few interesting stories here that do make sense.

For example, those fathers couldn’t get to see the children nearly as much and were forced to pay for alimony checks that they couldn’t afford.

However, I’d have to wonder again if it’s feminism’s fault or if it’s just the system that needs to be addressed, feminism or not.

The Wage Gap Is A Lie

The author says there cannot be any wage gap, at least in the US, as that’s been coded into law many decades ago.

He says that the law allows for differences in wages to cover any single factor excluding gender. But including output.

So you can have the same job title but different work output. And he says women complaining about wage differences should first focus on deserving to be paid more.

The Fake Rape Pandemic

The author says there’s a fake pandemic across the US and across colleges’ campuses.

He uses numbers to back his claims and cites many stories.

With the due premise that fake is a terrible crime and must be properly investigated, I had to agree with the author.

His numbers were credible and the system does seem skewed to make it too easy for women who want to abuse it (for example, to get back at someone).

Domestic Violence Lie

When there’s violence from one single partner at home, it’s more likely to be originating from women (read the study here).

That could make sense if you take into account that women can be more emotional and more likely to overreact.
However, the author deals with the incidence but does not take into account the intensity of the violence, and the study shows men are more likely to inflict injury.

This is the first question that popped into my mind as I read the book: a slap or a push in a moment of heightened emotion could not be compared to years of punches.

In a nutshell, it was very interesting data the author presents.
It does call into question the widespread idea that men are far and wide the perpetrators of domestic violence.

The author’s data is confirmed by other research I have read as well. For example, you can check Baumeister’s work “Evil“.

Women Enjoy More Privileges Than Men

The author dedicates a whole chapter to what are female privileges.

For example, in case of divorce, the woman gets a huge slice of the household wealth even though it was mostly wealth created by him.

The woman can also single-handedly decide on whether to keep or not keep a baby and the man has no say in it. But the man will be forced to pay.

He will be forced to pay.
Including, the author recounts, some jaw-dropping cases such as when the woman committed statutory rape or when she surreptitiously used his semen without his knowledge.

Feminism Harms Women

I couldn’t agree more with the idea that feminism, in many cases, is harming women.

Both in making some women way too bitter and in harming them at dating.

the feminist lie book cover

Real-Life Applications

Watch out who you marry
For all the men out there, watch you who and how you marry. You can be stuck paying big.

Watch out for fake rape accusations
I have sometimes been afraid of this. Some of the stories of men accused of fake rape are terrifying and it can be way too easy to make up a case.
I won’t go into details here, but I’ll make one full article going forward.


The bias left me wondering

The topics are extremely interesting and the author does use many statistics and studies to back his claims.

At the same time, he seems rather one-sided.

That doesn’t mean his points aren’t valid, they are, but I always felt I couldn’t let myself go and fully absorb knowledge. I was constantly feeling like I needed to double-check to avoid one-party bias.

For a deeper criticism of red pill and Manosphere authors, check out:

The Feminist Lie Review

The Feminist Lie has some similar content to the female’s authored Men on Strike, albeit it’s more aggressive and, in my opinion, darker and more polemical.

And those are the two parts I have the most grievances with.
Albeit I don’t have any sympathy for men-hating feminists, I prefer a conciliatory approach.

An approach that, at the end of the day, shows that the genders are not antithetic but are better together. That’s, in my opinion, the only winning approach.

That being said, the book has tons of great data and it will get you thinking big time.

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