The Untethered Soul: Summary & Review

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The Untethered Soul teaches readers how to explore and control their minds for a more peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life.

Bullet Summary

  • Stop trying to change the outside world: the shift you need to be happy and peaceful is within you
  • We mostly think negatively: meditate and learn to let negative thoughts go without affecting you
  • Pain is OK. Don’t fight it or you “bottle it up”. Feel the pain and slowly let it go

Full Summary

About The Author:
Michael Singer is a spiritual teacher who has spent years with yoga and meditation.

Find Your Inner Voice

Our mind never stops humming in the background.
It’s always churning out thoughts and interpreting what it receives from our senses.

The very first step towards enlightenment is being able to listen to that background voice, which The Untethered Soul calls the “Inner Voice”.
The Inner Voice is our self.

Our inner voice influences our emotions, and our emotions in turn influence how we perceive ourselves. How we perceive ourselves is the personal self.

For example, if we often feel jealous -the self-level-, then we will think of ourselves as jealous persons -this is the personal self, how we perceive ourselves-.
But that’s a mistake.

The Inner Voice Is NOT You

This is the key concept of “The Untethered Soul“.

What you think and feel is not the real you.
Feelings and thoughts do not define you. Your inner voice is not you.

This is also a crucial lesson from Eckard Tolle, another famous spiritual teacher and author of “The Power of Now“.

Getting in Touch With Your True Self

The only way to go past your inner voice is to meditate for 15 minutes minimum.

After a while, you will notice that your background Inner Voice has disappeared.
And that’s when you can get in touch with your true self.

Shield Out Negative: Flow & Pain Resistance

Michael Singer talks about the negative events in our lives, and how to prevent them from leaving a long-lasting impact.

And here is an example for you:

Imagine you’re driving and see your ex with someone else. You’ll keep driving, but the thoughts of your ex will depress you for days to come.
That happens at the Inner Voice level, and it keeps pestering us for a long time because we keep holding and blocking the inner voice thoughts within us.
The author instead recommends you “lean away” from the negative, painful thoughts. Look at them. But don’t dwell on them and they will not take over you.
Meditation will help you achieve the power to pull that off.

Examples of Blocking VS Letting Go

Examples of blocking are:

  • God I’m so weak, I gotta get over her
  • I need a new and better girlfriend to show her
  • I want revenge on her

Michael Singer says we should learn instead to let the thoughts of the Inner Voice go by. Negative thoughts will come anyway, but you let them go instead of holding them.

Examples of letting go:

  • It will be painful, but I won’t resist and I’ll get over it
  • That image will run through my head for a few days and that’s OK.
  • It’s just another event of my life, it shall pass

For more on letting go and traumas, also read:

Don’t Attach Feelings to Thoughts 

Most of the thoughts in our minds are not true.

They are random, or heavily skewed towards negativity. When we fully entertain them, think about them, and attach feelings to them, that’s when they become real.
And that’s when they poison our lives.

Learning to let negative thoughts roam without entertaining them and without attaching feelings to them is liberating.

Let Fear Flow 

The Untethered Soul explains how for evolutionary reasons we give more weight and importance to negative information.

But fear is just another thought of our Inner Voice. It’s not you. It’s not even part of you.
And the same as jealousy, instead of bottling it up, ruminating over it, and letting it consume you, you can accept it and let it go.

Death Makes Life Meaningful

Michael Singer explains how reflecting on death can help us make our lives more meaningful.
Also, read leveraging death for a better life.

the untethered soul book cover

Real-Life Applications

Meditation is not woo-woo stuff, it has real, proven benefits.

Letting go of the pain
This is something that has always been hard for me. I want to win, and I hate losing.
I’m very happy to be getting better at moving past pain now and it’s a life changer.


If you’ve been reading my summaries a bit you know that I like a tightly organized book. I don’t think The Untethered Soul was well-structured.

It felt like a bit of lengthy, verbose prose at times. I think The Untethered Soul could have been briefer and built around the 2-3 key deep nuggets of wisdom it presents and how to reach that state.

Much hope, little how to
I found The Untethered Soul could have gone a bit deeper into how to reach the enlightened stage the author talks about.
“Let go of fear” is not as helpful as saying “it took me X years to reach this level of awareness, and every day I’ve done X, Y, Z”.

There is Power In Pain
Sometimes you need to accept a painful memory and find a way through it. But other times there is power in wallowing in pain.
Pain and failures can be cathartic moments of growth and you don’t necessarily need to overcome them.

Anger is what allowed me to grow and build the life the way I wanted it. I talk about it here:


Potentially life-changing wisdom
The Untethered Soul popularizes some key concepts of meditation and spiritual awakening, and that’s a good thing.

Useful, practical knowledge
Albeit reaching the level of awareness and control it takes to let go of things is not easy, I believe it’s a key, central skill of an empowered (and happy) life.
And while not easy, it’s certainly within reach for all of us.


The Untethered Soul is about the ultimate control: mind control.

It reminded me a bit of Eleven Rings, where Phil also talks about his meditation practice of letting thoughts come and go. He says after a while, you will realize those thoughts have less power over you.
Definitely, a book to read and cherish.

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