TPM Innovations

This category includes TPM’s innovative concepts in self-help, social strategies, power dynamics, and general goal-achievement and life success.

The Law of Optimum Balance

The law of optimum balance states that the peak of effectiveness for many traits is to be found within the extremes, and that many traits that are beneficial at certain levels turn bad, ineffective, or harmful at extreme levels of total lack or oversupply. Many positive traits that people aspire to and work towards follow…

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Power Intelligence (PI): What Is it, How to Increase It

Power Intelligence is the cognitive skill needed to understand, assess, and influence power dynamics. This article gives you an overview of power intelligence, including how to develop power intelligence. What’s Power Intelligence Let’s start with a definition of power intelligence: Power intelligence (PI), or power quotient (PQ), is the individual’s capability to recognize and influence patterns of power…

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