Ultimate Power is now part of the Power University package

It All Starts With the Mind

Ultimate Power refers to mental power.

This guide leverages hundreds of books, studies, and sources to distill for you the mindsets and beliefs of achievement, fulfillment and mental resilience.

Some of the content includes:

  • How you can find your passion and live a fulfilling life
  • How you can develop mental resilience (never fear judgment, never feel embarrassed)
  • The practical steps to effective change (backed by neuroscience)
  • How to achieve deep self-confidence (even while failing)

What Readers Say

Ultimate Power came with the Power University course I joined.

Frankly, my expectations weren’t the highest as some bonuses are “marketing add-ons”.

Well, I’ve never been more wrong in my life.
Ultimate Power is hands down the best self-development book I have ever read.

navy officer

And I have read many.
Not only there is new content I haven’t found anywhere else, but all the main concepts are laid out in a way that is easy to grasp and apply.

I am really grateful you wrote this ebook and that and I stumbled onto it.

P.S.: And I am making sure all my family reads this..

-Frank S., navy officer

You Want to Improve (But Going Too Slow)?

If you are reading here you probably want to develop yourself and move ahead in life.

That’s a noble pursuit, and if you are serious about it, chances are you will succeed.

Of course, success often takes time. Sometimes lots of time.

Good material and content will help you tremendously along the road.
And that’s probably something you have also been seeking and trying. After all, there is lots of content about it.

Enter, the self-help industry.

Why Self-Help Doesn’t Always Help

The self-help literature is an eleven figures-big industry (that’s tens of billions).

The authors, the speakers and the “gurus” for sure get richer and more successful.
The question though is:

Does self-help produce results for you?

And the answer to that question is: it depends.

It’s most likely yes if you put in the effort and if you consume the right material.
You can certainly control how much effort you will spend. But what about the quality of the books, videos, courses, and resources you consume?
They have a major impact because they can either push you forward, waste or your time or, in the worst case, even set you back.

Welcome To The Jungle

Part of the problem is that the literature is like a huge forest. A maze of trees, animals, plants and… Traps.

How can you know what’s the best path when you are in the path?
How do you recognize the good authors from the bad ones?

Because granted, as much as there are authors with life-changing content, there are many idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about.

And there are also some sharks who don’t care about you and sell what “sounds” good instead of what’s good because that’s the best way to get your money and loyalty.
I know that I wasted quite some money, effort and time on some bad “gurus” and some bad material out there.

And I’d rather you don’t waste any time and go straight for the results.

What If You Had a Personal Shepard?

help up

Now imagine if you had a personal Shepard who’s already done that journey.

A personal Shepard whom you could trust to lead you through the way.

Could your journey be shorter, easier and much more pleasant if that Shepard could you give a map with all that you need to do and know to become the best version of yourself?

Could you go about your journey with more vigor and confidence that you’re doing the right things?
Do you think such a map could help you improve your life?

How much quicker would you be able to grow and make your goals a reality?

We’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom
-Tony Robbins

What Readers Say

I’m young so I haven’t read that much (yet).

But with this guide my arsenal is complete to take on life. I feel I can take over the world.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t want to publish a review to keep a competitive edge.
But then Lucio taught me another lesson: it’s a tiny minority that will take the time to develop themselves. Unluckily.
Because it’d be a much better world for all if everyone did (think bigger pie for all instead of making *your* slice bigger).

tl;dr: go for it, this is your launching pad.

-Gabriel B., budding entrepreneur

Your Guide to Personal Power

Imagine that Shepard could draw a map for you to tell you exactly what to do to find inner power.

It would tell you the mindsets that give you unwavering confidence and it would tell you how you can develop those mindsets.

A guide that would not sell you on any idea, but explain to you how to find your own passion.

And then tell you the science on how to execute to make your dreams come true. Mind you, it’s you who has to take action.

But the map would tell you how to act.

Because all the top performers think, train and act the same way.
All backed by science and proven methods.

This is what Ultimate Power does:

  • Filters out all the noise (you will save months -if not years- of time)
  • Cuts the fluff and provides only actionable and proven insights (you focus only on what works)
  • Gives you a chronological action plan (all you gotta do is start applying it)

Some people say you need to be patient.
But fuck patience!
Life is short.
And the most successful people show us you need more urgency, not patience.

Sure, your dreams will always be there. But it’s you won’t live for ever. What are you waiting for? 

Table of Contents

Ultimate Power is a 150 pages, 40.000 words ebook.
In two hours you’re done with the (good) theory and ready to apply it.

This is the table of content of Ultimate Power:

1. Foundations of The Mind – The 7 Building Blocks of Ultimate Mental Power

  • You Can Change – It’s not pep talk: it’s science 
  • Growth Mindset – The fountain of eternal growth
  • Antifragile Ego – The source of eternal, unassailable confidence
  • Locus of Control – How to get at the helm of your life
  • Finding Your Passion – How to live a passionate life
  • You Only Need to Do your Best – The art of outcome independence
  • A World of Opportunity – The art of optimism

2. How to Change –  The Science & The Practical Steps

3. Finding & Leveraging Your Life Purpose

4. Achieving Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Mental Resilience

5. The Science of Achievement – Part I : The Mindsets

6. The Science of Achievement – Part II : The Practice (How to Learn, Train & Maximize Output)

7. Fueling Your Mental Power – Literally, What to Eat

Version: 4.0

Among the updates of V.4:

  • Added a section on masculinity/femininity
  • Added a section on dealing with emotional traumas and hot buttons
  • Added important insights from positive psychology and the science of happiness and optimism
  • Added an important paragraph on self-compassion and how to use it for motivation
  • Expanded on confidence and self-esteem
  • General update to several other parts.

Why Does It Cost More Than a Book?

Because it gives more.

That’s the simple answer.

Ultimate Power is 10 times shorter than your average book.
And it costs 3 times more.

And I’m proud of that!
Time is our most limited resource, and you should be angry at people who steal your time with fluff.

If you still think that doesn’t add up, maybe I haven’t yet made clear to you what’s the point of this guide.

Packing as much value in the smallest package possible is the whole point of this guide!
You’re buying time and wisdom, not amount of content!

I read so much because this is my job and my passion, not because I believe that reading is the main path to success.

Knowledge is tremendously helpful, but it must be focused knowledge.
That’s why I produce these guides. To give you the same knowledge I get with hundreds of books, in 1/50th of the time so that you can focus on applying the knowledge.

Ultimate Power is not the type of book to read on a beach or sitting at Starbucks.
Well, to be accurate, you can read it on a beach or at Starbucks or anywhere you want but it’s not the type of “reading to enjoy” ebook.

You are not buying another self-development book here.
You are buying the last self-development book you need to read.

And you are buying time.
You are acquiring more time for yourself, for your life and to pursue your goals.

And knowing that with Ultimate Power you have all the best information at your disposal, you can now focus on applying that information.

High achievers don’t read thousands books. But they apply 10 key lessons a thousands of times
-MJ DeMarco, The Millionaire Fastlane

About The Author

The Power Bible author Lucio Buffalmano

My name is Lucio.

All my life I have searched knowledge and wisdom.

But I have gotten much more focused on self-empowerment after a difficult period of my life.
In a way, I see my life as a continuous climb from those “dark days”, for which I am now deeply grateful.

I don’t consume self-help acritically though.
I approach it checking references and looking at the science behind it.

And that’s what I share with you: a condensed overview of self-help that is scientifically sound. And self-help that actually works, as experimented in my life and with my customers.


  • Who is this product for?

People who want to take full control of their lives and focus on applying knowledge.

  • Who are you?

Lucio Buffalmano, an eager reader searching for wisdom, truth and personal power.

  • Which resources does it contain?

Hundreds of resources among studies, researches, all the books I read over here and as well my personal experience.

  • What formats does it come in?

PDF, Epub and MOBI.
Some users requested an audiobook, while some others preferred a paper version. I am considering both but it will take a while. Since life is short, I don’t think it’s worth it waiting for them: the e-book is short enough that you can quickly go through it.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

The Power Moves

Ultimate power comes with a 30 days guarantee.

A special 30-days guarantee.
I propose a different form of guarantee to truly empower you.

I am confident my products deliver far more value than what they cost. But if you think differently, write me whatever you think it was worth to you, and I will refund you the difference.

A full refund is also possible, minus a 9 Eur processing fee to compensate for the author’s valuable time.
So there is truly little risk for you, but huge upsides.