The 6 Concepts Behind Seduction University


The concepts behind Seduction University are:

1. Basic social skills are the foundations of dating

Dating is an affair among humans.

And anything among humans is based on some basic principles of social intelligence and social skills that apply to all social interactions.

Since the foundations are in common, you want to make sure you’re well-versed in these common foundations.
The foundations include:

  • Social exchanges dynamics: especially the basics of value-giving and value-taking. Because everyone avoits value takers while everyone wants high-value value-givers
  • Power dynamics: how to come across as high-value and high power
  • Vibing & conversing, getting to know people, qualifying, finding commonalities…. And keeping it generally light and pleasant
  • Frame control

The foundations also include what’s often considered “dark arts” such as:

  • Machiavellianism
  • Manipulation
  • Dark psychology

You can hardly be good at dating without learning these basics of general socialization.

People who focus 100% on dating but forget about the basics can achieve some results, but will always come across as “off” and somewhat “weird”.
And that’s especially harmful when you want to target the highest quality women. These women can have their pick and “weird” isn’t high in their priority list.

Generally speaking, you’ll struggle mightily at dating well if you can’t make and maintain friends.
On the other hand, you can hardly get great with people in general and not get good at dating as well.

The two things go hand in hand.
And even if you don’t care about general socialization, that’s where you must start because that’s where the foundations lay.

This means that any true beginner should approach dating as part of a general effort of learning the basics of socialization.

“Alpha Males” are social leaders

These days “alpha male” has almost become a brand.

And everyone has his own definition for “alpha male”.

But the only true definition of an alpha male is “being at the top of a social hierarchy”.

Whether you’re actually at the top of a social hierarchy or not, what’s attractive to women are men who could at least reach the top -or near the top- of social and dominance hierarchies.

2. The focus is equally on dating & personal development

The focus of any dating effort is both directly at dating itself, and indirectly through self-development.

Focusing on personal development means becoming a higher-quality, higher-value man.
And high-value men have an easy time dating well.

However, focusing on personal development only means you may not meet enough prospects.
It’s great to take time to focus on yourself only -“monk mode” is how I built this website-.
But NOT when you want to make dating and/or finding a great partner a priority. At the extreme, “monk mode” -or cutting all social interactions to focus on self-development- in dating terms means “celibate mode”.

On the other hand, focusing on dating and meeting women only means you don’t reach your highest potential as a human being.
At the extreme, PUAs who spend all their time chasing skirts struggle to keep high-quality women.

Focusing on both simultaneously is not only the healthier approach, but it also maximizes results.

That being said, if your priority is dating and getting immediate results, then the time you spend dating and meeting prospects should be at least equal to all your other self-development efforts.

3. Dating is a number’s game…

The beauty of a number’s game is this:

Since everyone is a different mix of subjective preferences and since there are billions of people, no matter where you stand right now, there is someone in the world whom you would like to date, and who would like you back.

And to find that person, you only need to take action, action, and more action.

That’s because in any number’s game the results you get are directly proportional to how much action you take.

So the dating section of Seduction University is heavily skewed towards developing habits and processes based on action.

That being said, effective dating also means smart action:

4. … But effective dating is about maximizing the odds

Now the other side of the coin of “number’s game” is:

Numbers’ games without good odds mean tremendous effort for scant results.

So good dating means also:

  1. General self-development to increase your value
  2. Dating effectively (game): the “technical” part, based on strategies and techniques that display your value and skills while interacting with women

5. Dating should be(come) simple

The final concept for dating is that… Dating should be(come) simple.

It’s the final concept because, often, dating only becomes simple once you reach a certain level of personal development, skills, and dating experience

So before it gets simple, embrace the suck and accept it may be difficult, for a time.

Yet, the ultimate goal is that dating becomes simple and natural. Or even fun.

Once you reach that stage, even if you prefer remaining single, you can even stop focusing on dating because meeting new prospects becomes integrated into your life.

You might even want to adopt the “dating is simple and natural” as a mindset to become more effective.

6. Seduction is the ultimate form of dating

Seduction is the truly advanced level of dating.

And if we’re talking about “power dynamics of dating”, then seduction is where true power really is.

Keep in mind though that seduction is often also about self-development, and acquiring a different view of dating, acquiring the ability to enjoy the moment, and to enjoy and love a partner.

Seduction, sometimes, starts with self-seduction.
It’s much easier to seduce others when you love the moment, the romance, the ecstasy.