Power University

Power University, our flagship online course, turbocharges men’s mental, behavioral, and social skills for both social and life success.
With our “constant improvement approach” -8 major upgrades and countless refinements-, it stands out as one of the best-sourced courses globally, compiling insights from thousands of research papers and books.
Most importantly, it delivers real-life transformation and results, empowering to become more confident, competent, attractive, high-value, and successful.

Seduction University

Seduction University applies and extends Power University’s foundational principles to be a high-power man into the real of effective dating.
It’s approach-agnostic. Meaning that no matter whether you want to “date around” or settle down with a specific woman, it provides effective processes, strategies and techniques to achieve that.

Confidence University

Confidence University -a “working title” for now- is our upcoming course focusing on the mental aspect of self-empowerment.
Alumni will enjoy higher confidence and self-esteem.

Should I get Power University or Sedution University?

I’m a teenager, am I too young for these courses?

When will Confidence University come out?

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