These FAQs address the most common issues and questions.

They solve 90% of the issues, faster than our otherwise fast support can.


1. I cannot access Power University

Do this:

  1. Log-in here first with the username/password you chose. Or just click on “login” at the bottom of any page.
  2. Then go here once you’re logged in. That’s the welcome lesson, the curriculum is on the left. Bookmark it.

Otherwise, you can always click on “PU curriculum” from the drop-down menu on top:

1.2. I have password issues

If you lost your password, reset it (read below).

If you still don’t have access, it’s possible that:

  • Your payment plan is in arrears: if you chose the payment plans and the latest payment(s) bounced. If that’s the case and you still want access, you’ll have to transfer the full amount
  • Your payment didn’t go through: please check your card statement and PayPal to make sure your payment went through.

If you are sure your payment went through and you still have technical issues, then forward us your original payment receipt.
If you’re reading here after contacting us, please send a new email with the original purchase receipt.

2. I cannot access Seduction University

Same as above:

  1. Log-in here first with the username/password you chose. Or just click on “login” at the bottom of any page.
  2. Then go here once you’re logged in. That’s the welcome lesson, the curriculum is on the left. Bookmark it.

3. My access to Power University expired

TPM pursues continuous improvement and we strive to provide our customers with the best of the best self-development tools.

And to continuously offer the best of the best, we realized that we had to limit access for 1 year.

You can read the rationale and the other alumni’s answers here.
You’re more than welcome to also share your thoughts, feedback, or ideas.

Adding value remains one of our core values, and we want to avoid that anyone may be locked out whenever they need a refresher.
So we are granting a free extension to all our alumni who purchased PU before this change, and will keep doing so for an added 6 months from the date of change.

Also, our alumni will enjoy priority and more convenient conditions any time they wish to rejoin.

Contact support for that.

4. I lost my password

Do this:

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Click “Lost your password?”
  3. Insert the email you registered with
  4. Check your email (and spam folder), and change your password

To solve the root cause, I recommend saving your password in your browser.

5. I need to update my credit card

Go here.

6. I purchased “Ultimate Power” ebook with the course, but didn’t receive it

First make sure you purchased the Ultimate Power add-on.

If you did, there is an automated redirect after checkout to the “welcome page”.

The welcome page contains instructions, useful links, and the latest version of “Ultimat Power”.

That being said, some browsers may stop redirects. If that is the case for you, contact us.

7. I purchased Power University but didn’t receive the welcome email

If you didn’t receive it check your spam folder, it should be there.

Strictly speaking, you can access Power University right away so the welcome email is more of a “nice to have” than a strictly needed tool.

8. I have a payment plan and want to cancel it

The payment plan can be canceled within the refund period.

9. I’m a PU student and have a question

Check this page if it’s a technical issue and if still not solved, reach out to us at any time.

If it’s a question about the content, post it in the forum.

10. How can I join the forum?

You already have access if you signed up for any of the courses.

Otherwise, it’s for students only.
It helps maintain lower volumes -saving time- and higher quality.

See here.

11. I bought PU / SU and it’s too good for my level, where can I request a refund?

Very simple, forward us the purchase confirmation and give us feedback to make the product even better (see here the refund policy).

Getting in Touch

For popular questions:

  • Media requests: potentially yes

As long as it’s about topics related to what we research (power, power dynamics, life-success strategies, social strategies, Machiavellianism, office politics, etc.)

  • Interview requests: potentially yes

I don’t do panels, but I might be open to some interviews or podcasts.

  • Links: no

And please avoid those trite manipulative marketing outreaches such as “this article is really useful to your audience” -no it’s not, you’re looking for a link-.

  • Ads: no
  • Product reviews: no
  • Writing articles: only high-authority sources does not accept sponsored posts.

Forst guest posts read here and for community members here.

  • Questions About the Products

Look at the product descriptions (yes, there is some marketing, but also all the product-relevant information).

Check common questions here, chances are that Lucio already replied to a similar question.

If not, get in touch.

  • How Can I Contribute?

By learning from TPM you’re already contributing to the world.

If you also want to contribute to this website specifically:

WhatsApp us

Social: Twitter, FB page
Phone: use the link above to WhatsApp us
Email: connect at thepowermoves dot com
Address: The Power Moves

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