If you’re a subscriber / Power University alumni, please read the FAQs -those solve 90% of the issues, much faster than I can-.

If you want to get in touch, do it on the forum.
Private emails are not answered, can be marked as spam when they don’t conform to these instructions, and might be posted publicly as case studies (in anonymized form).

Time is the most limited resource we have.
We can only live fuller lives when we care, protect, and maximize our time. I’ll be extremely grateful if you help me do just that.

For popular questions:

  • Media requests: potentially yes

As long as it’s about topics related to what I research (power, power dynamics, life-success strategies, social strategies, Machiavellianism, office politics, etc.)

  • Interview requests: potentially yes

I don’t do panels, but I might be open to some interviews.

  • Asking for links: no thanks

Do you have a post that is a great addition to an article on this website?

Please be direct and don’t offend people’s intellect: 90% of the time that’s a (mildly) manipulative approach. You’re requesting a link. Just say it.
And the answer is most likely no: 90% of this website’s links are to research and papers, not to articles and opinions.

  • Ads and product reviews: don’t bother

This website does not sell ad space.

  • Writing on the ThePowerMoves: only high-authority sources does not accept sponsored posts.
Forst guest posts read here. in short: you must be experienced and knowledgeable on topics that are relevant to this website, plus have analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • If You Have Questions: Post Them Publicly

Post your question in the relevant section of the forum.
And read the forum etiquette here, it’s also good for your communication skills.

  • If You Have Questions About the Products

You will likely find the answer in the product descriptions (yes, there is some marketing there, but you can also find all the product-relevant information).

If not, read the most common questions here, chances are that I already replied to your question.
If you have a different question, please post it there.

If you cannot afford the price right now, write me and we may find a different way to make up for the value exchange (but don’t lie about your financial situation).

  • How Can I Contribute?
  1. Help yourself first by becoming the best version of yourself
  2. Do your job, whatever it is, at the best of your ability
  3. Avoid taking advantage of others, ask yourself how you can add value, and seek to establish long term win-win relationships

That’s already the greatest contribution you can make not just to me, but to the world.

If you also want to contribute to the website:

  • For typos, grammar, mistakes: there is now a special post for that. If you catch any, you will help others, and have my eternal gratitude-. Post it here
  • Feedback is always much appreciated, open a thread here
  • Products, research or book recommendations: if it’s something you think can add value to the website, post it here (but if it’s your book, I don’t do reviews on requests)

For compliments and criticism, the same: post it on the forum.

  • Coaching, Consultation

Not right now. You can read the rationale here.


1. I purchased a subscription, but cannot access the articles

Make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Make sure you are logged in with the username with which you bought a subscription

The above two steps fix 90% of the issues.
For the other 9%:

  • Make sure your access has not expired. If you bought a weekly or yearly plan and one week or one year has passed, then your subscription has ended and you need to purchase a new one
  • Make sure you received a confirmation email and check your spam folder. If you didn’t, it’s possible that you misspelled your email. Contact me with the exact date at which you bought the subscription, and give you me your correct email address

2. I want to cancel the monthly subscription

If you are on the monthly plan, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Go to your “My Account” page here:
  3. Click on “Cancel your subscription”

how to cancel the subcritpion on

If you used PayPal, follow PayPal’s instructions here.

And that’s it, all done (and thank you for your support).

You don’t need to cancel weekly and yearly plan: they do not renew, they are one-off payments.

3. I purchased Power University but didn’t receive an email confirmation

This can happen sometimes when you signed up as a guest.

Do this:

  • Check your spam folder


  1. Log-in here first with the username/password you chose
  2. Then go here once you’re logged in. That’s the curriculum page, and chances are you already have access

There is a link for logging at the bottom of every page.
If you are still having technical issues, then contact me and I will fix it for you ASAP.

4. I cannot change my password

Chances are that you can.

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Click “Lost your password?”
  3. Insert the email you registered with
  4. Check your email (and spam folder), and change your password

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