Coaching is for those who want FAST RESULTS and personalized solutions.

You can come up from the call with a plan for action to solve your precise challenge, or achieve your goal.

Finally, the coaching option is now available.
This is an opportunity for 1:1 coaching directly with Lucio Buffalmano, one of the world’s most renowned experts on power and strategies.

How To Schedule

  1. Contact us either via email or WhatsApp
  2. Describe your challenges and/or goals so we can can tell how if we can help
  3. Show up and make the most out of it

PRO Tip: Share Some Examples In Advance

You can share in advance a couple of examples that are relevant to your issues and/or goals. So You can get thought-through, tailored feedback as soon as you start the call. The more details you add, the more likely it is to be help you achieve your goal

What We Can Help You Solve

Some topic opportunities you can take advantage of include:

  • Personalized feedback based on your specific behavior & demeanor during the call.
    Depending on what you need to adjust:
    • How to be higher power
    • How to be warmer & more likable
    • How to vibe better
    • Structured plan on what to work on right after the call
    • Etc…
  • Personalized feedback of a recorded interaction (max 1h long) which you can share beforehand and we can go through together in the call
    • Speech or presentation
    • Recorded date conversation
    • Sales call
    • Recorded difficult conversation / enforcing boundaries / etc.
  • Dating effectiveness, strategies, and goals
    • How to meet and date more and better
    • How to get that one girl (or guy)
    • How to meet a high-quality partner
    • Plans on what to do and work on right after the call
  • Social skills, social effectiveness, strategies, and goals
    • How to make more or better friends
    • How to start and/or nurture a social circle
    • How to lead the group
  • Relationships
    • How to gain your partner’s respect (or regain)
    • How to be the relationship leader (good leader)
    • Overcoming ambivalence: when it’s time to end and move on
    • How to handle manipulative, dark triads, or simply negative family members
  • Assessing people for partnerships, friendships, or relationships
    • Red flags, including how important they are (and if they’re red flags at all)
    • Positive signs of great character
    • Deciding on a course of action (ie.: distancing, ghosting, deepening of the relationship…)
  • Strategies and Machiavellian strategies
    • How to make allies
    • How to deal with frenemies
    • How to (legally!) move past or get rid of a nasty competitor/employee/colleague…
  • Leadership
    • How to ensure your group stays collaborative, healthy, and uplifting
    • How to rally support and ensure maximum productivity
    • How to become a great leader people want to follow
  • Career goals and strategies
    • How to gain promotion(s)
    • How to set up relationships for success (boss and management)
    • How to successfully transition into a managerial, executive, or CEO role
    • Board of directors power dynamics, gaining more influence, higher salary, how to gain approval for your ambitious plans, etc.
    • Etc…
  • Personal self-development
    • Mindsets
    • Confidence
    • Self-esteem
    • Stumbling blocks
    • Etc…

Questions & Special Requests

For a single call, you can simply go ahead and book.

To discuss specific requests such as long-term coaching, in-person coaching, or shadowing (ie.: Lucio giving feedback on you in real-life interactions), get in touch.

Limited Spots*

*Only 3 coaching slots/month at most.

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