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Does This Sound Like You?

Everyone likes me, but I don’t get enough respect.

Career is a pain point of mine. I see others coast through it while I struggle. I feel there was something missing that I didn’t get, while others did, and they benefited from it.

I recently discovered the whole ‘red pill’ and power dynamics between man-woman after my breakup.
My problem is I have been too ‘nice’ to my partner and always did what she wanted. A typical beta male you could say.

I’m an entrepreneur and I fall to much into other people’s frames in talks and negotiation. Whenever someone has a persuasive argument I’m stumped and find myself going along with them, even when it’s not in my best interest

In didn’t have a strong father figure and couldn’t learn good social skills. In adulthood I’ve been something of a classic “nice guy.”

Some of my relatives were very manipulative people. I now understand that I was blind to it all and too submissive. I was the epitome of naive.

I’m an early-stage entrepreneur and the more experience I got, the I felt that I must be missing some practical pieces of the puzzle. One piece was my weakness in understanding and navigating social dynamics in real-time.

I’ve done well in school, but I’m too conflict avoidant and people-pleasing and my over-friendliness can pass for submissiveness. This is costing me for my career as well as my dating and relationships.

I’m not happy with how my life has gone post-university, especially professionally. It’s tough to watch your friends go past you.

I never felt too competent in social situations or dating and anxious around people. Overall, I don’t have enough confidence.

I never had guidance growing up and I was hopelessly clueless of power dynamics. I was just a really nice honest guy being very helpful to others and being taken advantage of and walked over and thrown away. yeah, you get it…

Standing up for myself and knowing what to say in the moment – gosh, that is a challenge for me. I either don’t say anything, or I feel like I go out too hard.

I am a good person, and it pains me to see so much goodwill wasted because of people playing power games.
But again and again, I forget the rules, I assume people are genuinely good, and I get disappointed again.

I did not understand people and got hurt badly.



I was too much of a nice guy and I worked on it.
I took several years of self-defense classes like Judo and Krav-Maga.
It helped, and even just knowing how to throw a punch makes a big difference. But the biggest difference in my confidence was still made by Power Univeristy.

Alex Rins


Has Self-Help Fallen Short For You So Far?

Most self-help is too politically correct.

And naive.

As if almost everyone was good and honest. And as if life also wasn’t also a competition -spoiler alert: life is also a competition-.
And that competition isn’t always 100% fair or in the open -spoiler alert: it’s often covert, especially at work-.

Any resource that doesn’t teach you how to win competitions does not serve you well.


Most self-help is ineffective: too naive and based on ideals

90% of self-help is too PC and naive to be effective.
It’s based on how things should be, how people wish things were, or how better it would be if things were different.
If you want to advance and positively impact the world you first need to learn how to win in the real world.
Self-development that leaves out power, status, competition, politics, or even manipulation and dark triad individuals’ MO, is bound to be “nice to hear”, but ultimately “useless to advance in life”.

Many courses are also lacking.

“Plain vanilla” people skills courses teach you to socialize nicely, but not to win.
And “charisma courses” teach you to gain attention, but not necessarily results -if charisma doesn’t include power, then you’re closer to a clown than to a high-value man-.


More realistic self-help is cynical and turns into you an asshole

The self-help that focuses on the “darker side” of human nature often swings too far in the opposite direction and becomes too cynical.
If you turn into an as*hole, you may do better than a naive too-nice guy, but you’d still fall way short of your potential.

The solution to naive self-help isn’t to swing in the total polar opposite.

Just as naive self-development forgets the “dark”, the cynical self-development forgets the “light” -plus, the shades of grey-.

So if you learn from more cynical self-help you may turn too cynic and “as*hole type”. And you’ll miss out on the best friendships, relationships, and dating experiences.


Self-help isn’t practical enough to gain respect, status, love, etc.

Most self-help lacks enough case studies, real-life examples, videos, and interactive tools.
That means that you struggle to turn information into personal transformation, real-life behavior, and ultimately the results you’re after: status, love, lovers, power, promotions, and even personal growth.

Research may be realistic, but not very practical.
“Laws” from popular books on power don’t tell you how to execute the best strategy to get promoted.
For example, you shouldn’t “outshine the master” says a popular book on power with ancient-world examples. But… How should you advance when you are better than your boss, then?

Even the video courses are often people talking in front of a camera -and not showing you how it’s done-.
You don’t get to see how to execute the basics of a high-value man such as “how to enforce boundaries”, “how to handle the coworker who assigns you tasks”, or even “how to tell your girlfriend you’re disappointed”.

This is why self-help is failing you.

I had read lots of books by Robert Greene before getting to know The Power Moves, and while I enjoyed them very much, the improvement in my life I got from those was essentially insignificant.
Jordan Peterson is an outstanding person and much of what he teaches is really really useful, including the key concept (also in TPM) that unless you can think as an evil person, you already lost. But I doubt I would have understood much without TPM first.
In the end, Power University is simply the best source on how to become aware of power dynamics and use them to protect yourself and advance in life. It is the detail of the explanation and the comprehensiveness of the content that makes a difference.

Felix McNamara


Most psychology books are helpful, but they’re most theoretical (…)
I must say (Power University) it’s the most profound work I’ve ever seen in my life because of the extreme applicability in real life

Mark Sander


In the past I tried Charisma University but while I thought the content was good I didn’t feel like it worked well for me because the high energy style of charisma is quite exhausting for me, and I feel being quick to laughter and speaking through a smile etc makes me come across as low-power and makes people respect me less.
After going through CU and realizing it wasn’t for me I stumbled back here by accident and decided to join PU.
Needless to say, that was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Mat Konig


Why It Makes Sense Self-Help Is Failing You

Why hundreds of years into self-help, and self-help still under-delivers?

Four reasons are:

1. PC self-help is safer to market: authors are safer and can get better media coverage pretending that topics such as manipulation, Machiavellianism, and power aren’t important.

2. Cynical self-help has strong niche appeals: the many who have been burned, those who see the world as dog-eat-dog and the beginners looking for the “dark psychology shortcut” aren’t ready to hear about true personal empowerment win-win. And marketers are happy to bamboozle them.

3. Few teachers reach mastery level, and to teach mastery to others, at scale, requires a rare combination of motivation, character, skills, and a whole comunity of bright minds.

4. The best of both worlds is for the 1%. Most people remain naive. A few “wake up” and turn overly cynical. And only a tiny percentage grows past cynicism.
Power University is a course for those who want to do the full ride.

This is why self-help is mostly naive, with some realistic self-help, but virtually no elite-level self-development that combines the best of both worlds.

When Lucio was deep in his own self-development journey, he just couldn’t find a single resource that combined the effectiveness needed to compete and succeed, with the skills to develop positive win-win relationships with high-quality people.

So… Are you condemned to be on your own?

Well, until today, you were…

I was expecting good content, but I also thought I was going to read things I already knew. Boy, I was wrong. Even though I bought dozens of other courses and had a mentor for a year it’s the first time I’m hearing about most of this stuff. Power University paints the big picture and connects the pieces of the puzzle. I think the course is worth much, much more.

Matthew Lenders

Sales director

This Could Be You

Power University is literally changing my lifeMore than one person came to tell me I’m different -for the better-. Not to mention how more confident I feel

I had my reservations before signing up, but with only module 1 done I learned SO much more about my own relationships than I had EVER. Which is both awesome and disturbing

I’m completely blown away by the material of this course. I have an elite background, first class education, and yet I didn’t have a clue about this stuff. This material is so powerful that I couldn’t help but feel angry that I had been kept in the dark.

The lessons on frame control and video examples have opened my mind. I can come up with frame control techniques on the fly.

I’ve never seen before something so complete, deep, and versatile in one program. And It works. In a few weeks I’ve increased my social intelligence by many folds.

My social skills are also getting waaaaay freaking better. I am being collaborative, understanding agreeing with people on certain points to be collaborative before I give my own opinion and/or disagreeal on a topic or perspective. I can really see the other person responding better and enjoying the interaction more and more rapport being built here.

Power University is amazing. It already helps me to unnecessarily lower my power. It gives me strength and clarity, and keeps me from going back to my shy and defensive behavior.

…all in less time than it takes to finish your favorite show (and with infinitely better ROI).


Power University

Everything You Need to Gain Status, Respect, Admiration… And Win At Life — Guaranteed.

Power University is the proven online program designed to get you respect, status, power, and leadership opportunities. FAST.

The New Science For Success: Power Dynamics

The new system for social skills.

Power is the ability to get what you want.
And power dynamics is the science of how power is negotiated among people. It’s the application of advanced social skills to all aspects of winning with people to achieve goals.
A foundational understanding of power dynamics boosts how to negotiate, engage, and succeed with people—whether they’re being their best selves or their darker, selfish, more manipulative selves.
This is what was largely missing, and this is what we focus on.

So, similar to how psychology applies scientific principles to the human mind, power dynamics applies scientific principles to social and life success.

Power dynamics is at a similar inflection point. Most people don’t yet even understand how crucial it is to succeed in life. But the early adopters who start now will be years ahead of the competition (and reap big rewards for it).

Power dynamics provides one of the theoretical foundations of Power University.

Experts Explain Why You Need to Learn Power Dynamics

If you’re rich and powerful you can be a jerk and don’t need to be attractive. At the highest level (power) it’s what people respond most strongly to.

-Charlie Houpert, founder of “Charisma on Command”
The feeling that I cannot have any power over my spouse, children, boss, and career is deeply unsettling (…). If you want to create something, you have to be willing to get dirty and strategic.”

-Robert Greene, author and power dynamics expert
Women use the dominance hierarchy to select mates.”

-Jordan Peterson, psychologist, philosopher and thought leader

I was unconvinced and skeptical about all this “power talk”, but as I dag deeper into Power University I realized that it’s exactly what I was missing. People don’t come to tell me how “powerful” I am, (people) come to tell me how much more charismatic I am, but I know that in truth it’s only because I could correct my “too nice guy” mistakes and I stopped giving all the power away and that’s what made all the difference.

Jim Bannister

Team Lead

This Is How We Changed The Game (So You Can Win In It)

With Power University we set out to fix all the issues of self-help.
So that you can enjoy an unfair advantage.


Power University is based on reality

We start from a dispassionate look at how things are using science, experience, and testing out what truly works to achieve goals.

A commitment to what’s true is a necessary precondition to our second step, which is being effective.


Power University makes you ruthlessly effective because it’s built for real-world effectiveness

Our goal is to make you effective, with lots of options, and successful -be it in dating, career, or social life-.
For that, we focus on the practical. You will learn exactly what you need to do to achieve goals, and get what you want.

You learn exactly what real-world behaviors make you successful by looking and listening to real-world examples and case studies.

Some of the lessons our students enjoy the most help you get rid of subconscious behavior that makes you submissive, insecure, or “too nice”.
And then you learn to adopt the behavior that makes you high status and worthy of respect, promotions, admiration, and love.


Power University integrates ruthless effectiveness with win-win

Finally, we believe that you’re generally better off with high-quality, win-win partnerships, friendships, and dating and relationship partner(s).
So we explain how to develop a high-quality character that attracts and retains other high-quality people.

Win-win generally make most people happier and more fulfilled.
So as our final step you will learn how to use your advanced skills to add value to the world and to the people around.
And with that, which is our final mission, you can also make your positive dent in the world.


Power University is built to ingrain habits that stick so you become a high-quality man

You will not just learn, but internalize and become a higher value man.
Power University is built to facilitate personal transformation in both mindsets and behaviors. so that both will stick.

Anything that doesn’t stick is pretty much useless.

For that reason, Power University does not “pump people up” with transient “motivation”.
Instead, we ingrain mindsets and beliefs that lead to long-term actions that stick and compound over time.

So we built Power University to internalize mindsets, ingrain good habits, and become a successful and hig-quality man.

By the end of the program you’ll be able to…

Some practical results of that include:


Gain people’s respect

Respect is the natural consequence of what we teach.
People will naturally respect you more, and nastiness and manipulation naturally disappear from your life. And if not, you will know exactly what to do to get the respect you deserve.
Data: Everyone of our alumni respondents increased his ability to gain other people’s respect by at least 2x, and more than half by at least 10x*.


Gain social status

Status is also a natural consequence of what we teach.
You will naturally and effortlessly gain status in any group you enter.
Data: Everyone of our alumni respondents improved his ability to gain status, and 89.5% at least doubled it*.


Enjoy higher confidence and self-esteem

You will internalize empowering mindsets and beliefs that will make you more confident. (And happier with yourself, too).
Data: 85% of our alumni respondents at least doubled their confidence level, and more than half increased their confidence by at least 10x*.


Enjoy more attraction, from more women

While we have a dedicated course on dating, the foundations are shared.
Foundations such as confidence, high power behavior, assertiveness, strategic displays of value, leadership, etc. are what will make you 10x more attractive.
Data: close to 80% of our alumni respondents are at least two times more attractive, more than half are at least 5 times more attractive, and more than one-third are 10x more attractive*.


Read people like open books

Learning to recognize good characters from bad ones may be the most undervalued skills of them all.
After Power University you’ll be able to spot and avoid bad apples (or use them), and recognize and attract the best people for quality relationships and a happy life.
Data: Everyone of our alumni respondents at least doubled his ability to read and assess other people’s character, and 65% increased it by at least 10x*.


You become the leader people want

Leadership is both the culmination and the natural consequence of a successful self-development path.
Best of all, when you marry high power with a straight and honorable character, people want you to be their leader.

Data: Everyone of our alumni respondents at least doubled his ability to read and assess other people’s character, and 65% increased it by at least 10x*.

We don’t add it as a featured benefit as we don’t necessarily recommend it, but this is also true:

If you’re motivated by darker drives, you may also enjoy a sweet revenge.
The people who dumped you, manipulated you or mistreated you will be in for a rough awakening when the tune changes. Success is also the best revenge, and you’ll have one more reason to smile as you speed away and leave them in the dust -but, spoiler alert: we also teach how to downplay your success and avoid jealousy because you’re a lot better off with friends and supporters-.

Power University Results, Measured:

*Power University results have been measured and analyzed in conjunction with a data anlyst and published here.
See here an overview of the results achieved by our alumni:

After studying PU my partner has started to really be attracted to me at a primordial level, like she never was -and I as well to her
All the power moves from her are disappearing, she now tries to be more loving, closer, more helpful than ever
Other women whom I find attractive approach me or show high interest, sometimes even when my partner is present

Ben Rossi


It’s A Shortcut To Becoming A Higher-Value Man

Power University’s groundbreaking curriculum is built to be the most effective for internalizing the mindsets, strategies, and techniques. They will become second nature and simply part of the new, higher power you.

  • Quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Real-life video examples
  • Audio samples for best intonation
  • Self-produced video examples
  • Real-life texts breakdowns
  • Self-assessments
  • Assignments
  • Infographics

The Curriculum

You will learn to apply these concepts, strategies & skills to social success and goal achievement:

I was not sure whether to join Power Univeristy because after several years of self-development work and entrepreneurial experience and I frankly thought I couldn’t gain much more from another course. I’m so happy I did join though and so happy to have been proven wrong. Power University made me a better entrepreneur, a more effective negotiator in business, and a better reader of personalities. Now I can hire better, motivate more, and the team peforms better because they respect me more as a leader.

Max Rins


Taught by the Founder of The Power Dynamics Institute

Lucio Buffalmano
Holds a master’s degree from La Sapienza, department of communication and sociological research, is a member of the American Psychology Association (APA), and dedicates his life to researching, uncovering, testing, and refining the most effective strategies and techniques for social success.

The Power Moves (TPM) Community
The TPM community is a collective of students — all Power University alumni — who help advance power dynamics as a discipline and Power University as a training tool.
Driven men and women with incredibly bright minds have applied Power University’s principles across numerous industries and areas of the world, in the most disparate environments and social situations.
Many of them also started as too-nice guys. Some others had a hunch there were value-takers, frenemies, or manipulative people in their lives, but didn’t yet have the tools to “read them” and handle them. Or they simply had a feeling they could do and be more, but didn’t yet know that it was the advanced skills of power dynamics that was missing.
Originally, they proved Power University’s concepts. But, then they went further, refined some concepts, and even came up with brand new strategies, techniques, and approaches. All cross-validated by real-life testing and Buffalmano’s expertise as a social scientist. They also brainstormed and shared better ways to structure Power University’s groundbreaking teachings, so it’s as easy as possible for future students.

TPM has been featured, quoted, or linked from:

  • Psychology Today
  • ResearchGate
  • BBC
  • Forbes
  • And countless universities

Thanks to Power University I gained more respect in all areas of my life.
(Wife’s name) told me tonight she now feels that “I can protect her”.
I now realize that, in the situations where people treated us two “wrongly” in the past when we were together, the issue was… me.
I was the one who was supposed to do what I’m doing now, ie take care of things for the couple. At restaurants, my family, her family, with friends, and in so many other situations.
You can’t imagine how many times we two bickered for unrelated things – and, I now understand that our quarrels were basically all really due to me not seeing the dynamics and thus not being able to do what needed to be done.
Power University changed all of that for me and the benefits are not just for me, but also for us as a couple.

John Doe



Take a peek inside the preview lesson for Power University.


Don’t waste any more time and get down to it.

Who is Power University for?

Power University is perfect for ambitious men who want to succeed, while also adding value to others, but who aren’t yet expressing their full potential.

These men tend to be “good men”.

However, often, they’re not yet expressing their full potential precisely because they are good men.
They’re often very low in dark-triad traits. They sometimes lack in assertiveness, unwavering confidence, and social power. And, not rarely, they’re also clueless about power and effective social strategies-let alone being good at it-.

Finally, some of them are also stereotycpially “too nice guys”.

These “good guys” tend to lose out against the harder charging, more selfish, and more outwardly confident dark triad personalities. The dark triad personalities are higher power, more strategic, more power-aware, and a lot better at self-promotion (ie.: portraying themselves as more confident, competent, and leader-like).

Final result: good guys lose, bad guys win.
It’s a stereotype, but it’s surprisingly often true.

Power University fixes it all for these “good men”.

In brief, Power University is the training for good and ambitious men, who need to learn to be “strategically bad”, so that they can win more.

In terms of biographical background, our students come from all over the world, are smart and driven, and tend to work in high-income professions.

⚠️ Full disclosure: Power University is a premium course for men who are ready to invest in themselves and take action to improve their lot. Our audience knows that nothing good comes cheap, and nothing good comes to those who wait and wallow in self-pity. So we expect our students to commit to internalizing and applying Power University’s teachings.

I bought Power University a few months ago. I am glad I did it as the content is invaluable. It made me a more effective man, more confident, and generally happier with myself. I now radiate masculine energy and I love it

Phil Lee

Ph.D. Candidate

Power University™ Tuition

Executive One-Time-Saver

$1399 797

Save up even more (and can use the difference for a coaching call).

✓ Self-paced curriculum
✓ Support guaranteed
✓ Step-by-Step Exercises
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Bootstrapping Plan

99/month for 9 months

9-month payment plan, start now at less than a daily latte!.

✓ Self-paced curriculum
✓ Support guaranteed
✓ Step-by-Step Exercises
✓ Results guaranteed


1. Machiavellian Negotiations
($10,000+ Value)

By the time this bonus module unlocks, you’ll be ready for the next levels of strategic thinking. You’ll learn to apply social and deal-making negotiation techniques that make real-dollars difference in your life, career, and business. The 10k+ value is conservative: it gained and saved us far more. (And more than just money, but also invaluable time and peace of mind).

2. Private Community ($899 Value)
Limited Availability

You will gain access to a private forum with case studies we can’t share publicly.
You will also be able to write, ask, comment, journal, and share your challenges and successes with the community. (Lucio may also offer his expertise and advice tailored to your specific need, but only for a limited amount of time and with a smaller community, so this bonus will soon disappear).

3. Power Toolbox ($299 Value)

You’ll get potentially life-changing assessment tools (e.g.: “measure your manipulation awareness” and “find out if you’re being manipulated“), people and social opportunity tracking tools, and action guides to turn your wisdom into real-world results.

4. “Last 1% Bonus Module” ($199 Value)

This last leveling-up module adds the mindsets, strategies, and techniques of the top 1%even if you start as the underdog.
You’ll learn how to handle some of the most challenging social situations to the point where you will hope to be challenged.

5. Ultimate Power ($199 Value)

The best mindsets, strategies and techniques for mental self-development (from the best books and research). Scientifically vetted and field tested, this the last book you may ever need on self-development.
Hundreds of the very best books went into this guide, saving you hundreds of dollars and entire days of time.

6. Wealth Guide & More ($199 Value)
Limited Availability

The best strategies and techniques on making and growing money (from the best books and money expert authors).
Critically analyzed and real-world tested, this is the last book you may ever need on personal finance and investment.
Hundreds of the very best books went into this guide, saving you hundreds of dollars and entire days of time.
Hurry though: we will likely spin them off in the future as separate products.

7. 1:1 Coaching ($1,550 Value)
Limited Availability

Power University alumni can take advantage of 1:1 coaching directly with Lucio at a huge launch discount price ($1997 for the public, VS $147 only for you once you join us) for three (3!) calls. (For a total saving of $1,550).
Learn straight from a world-renowned expert, get tailored feedback to your real-life behavior, and grow over time.

TOTAL VALUE*: $13,345+

It’s a total value of more than $13,000 -and we are being conservative with how the strategic thinking skills you’ll learn translate into monetary value, without even considering all the emotional benefits-.
Plus, because we see our customers as kindred souls of our mission, we’re always planning how we can do more, give you more, and make you win even bigger.

*These numbers are not inflated — they’re an honest, good faith estimate, because you cannot purchase components of Power University. If anything, they’re conservative estimates.

Today, 6 months after my initial purchase, I negotiated a 15% raise and met a beautiful woman who is totally devoted to me. And I don’t think I would be at this point of my life if it weren’t for power University. In the beginning there was a selfish part of me who wanted to keep Power University secret. But I grew past that defensive mindset. As much as it made a better man, everyone should have that same right. And it’s going to be good for all.

James Warren

Political Consultant


I was so sick of living in constant stress and fear of my neighbor that I decided to buy PU. And holy sh*t am I happy I did. The growth I’ve seen since I joined is tremendous. As I’m typing this out it’s almost mind boggling to see how far I’ve managed to come in a little over a year.
Since I joined I’ve learned to see the world through a new lens, the lens that we here call power awareness. With this lens I’ve been able to improve relationshipsstand up to my boss(es) on several occasions,  learned to how to give value to the people around me, and just in general learned to enforce boundaries and stand up for myself and what I believe in.
Most of all, since I joined Power University I’ve realized that I hold all the power to turn myself into any sort of person I want to become, and to shape my life into the life I want to live. As I write this I know I have a long way to go, but now I know that I have what it takes to achieve anything I set my mind to.

Eric Smith

Professor (public review)

The “You Can Only Win” Power Guarantee

You can only win with Power University.

Listen out:

We’re not asking you to decide “yes” or “no” today. We’re asking you to make a fully informed decision.

The only way you can make a fully informed decision is by looking in, and trying it out. (You wouldn’t buy a house without walking in, or a car without testing-riding it, right?).

So, you get on the inside, you take a look, and you try it out.

All we ask is that you give it a proper test ride. Since we developed Power Univeristy for effective transformation, we know how to get the most out of it. To give a proper test, we ask that you don’t skim through, that you push through for at least some days of learing, and that you apply at least some of the key strategies and techniques. And if you don’t start seeing at least some positive real-life changes such as higher social intelligence, more confidence, more respect, better negotiation outcomes and/or more attraction within 30 days, then we don’t want your money.

When you realize it’s a life-changing pot of gold, that’s when you can decide to keep it. (And, bonus for you, you’ll also get the most valuable lessons that unlock after 30 days.)

Here’s the cool thing: you’re in full control of everything (we believe in empowered individuals here). So, you tell us what it’s worth to you within the 30 days, and we’ll send back the difference (and yes, you can decide for the full refund as well ).

This is the high-power deal we’d love to offer to you: you only have upsides and you can only win (even in the worst-case scenario).

So, try it out for 30 days, and if you are not starting to become an empowered, higher-value, more effective man, get your money back. 

Last Days of Launch Price!

Power University is part of Lucio’s life mission to help more good guys win.

It was already life-changing, revolutionary and effective in its first version.
And we never stopped -and never will stop- improving it (Lucio’s mission is to build a timeless tool to help good people win).
Now that we are at the 8th version and taken the feedback of thousands of winners you are joining a best-in-class, proven shortcut to life success.

The price must match its real value, and will do soon.
Because we prioritized Power University, the website, business, and marketing still need to catch up (we never even ran any ads).
And that’s great news for you: you can take advantage of the situation to snatch a deal.

It’s not going to last forever though.
Soon the price will go closer to its real value, which means a lot higher.

So click “Start Now” to join, and start living your best life

Fair Value: $9,999

Your Current Opportunity: 797
or 99/month

We share here some reviews and testimonials for Power University.

Later down the page you also have the reviews of "those who didn't like it", together with our responses.

And here you can find a quantitative analysis of the results Power University delivered to our alumni.

Let's start:

Power University Video Reviews

Power University is literally changing my life. More than one person came to tell me I'm different -for the better-. Not to mention how more confident I feel now knowing and noticing the power moves happening all the time. Of all the money I've spent on self-help books and courses this was by far the best investment.

I was expecting good content, but I also thought I was going to read things I already knew. Boy, I was wrong. It's the first time I'm hearing about most of this stuff, even though I bought dozens of other courses and had a mentor for a year. I only went through module 1 but I can already see what potential this knowledge has to improve my life. Power University paints the big picture and connects the pieces of the puzzle. I think the course is worth much, much more.

I had my reservations before signing up, but with only module 1 done I learned SO much more about the power dynamics that happened in my own relationships than I had EVER. Which is both awesome and disturbing


I'm completely blown away by the material of this course. I have an elite background, first class education, and yet I didn't have a clue about this stuff. This material is so powerful that I couldn't help but feel angry that I had been kept in the dark.

The lessons on frame control and video examples have opened my mind. I can come up with frame control techniques on the fly.

- Anthony R.

Power University is amazing. It already helps me to unnecessarily lower my power. It gives me strength and clarity, and keeps me from going back to my shy and defensive behavior.

- Kevin S.

I've never seen before something so complete, deep, and versatile in one program. And It works. In a few weeks I’ve increased my social intelligence by many folds.

- Ang

I discovered that I was sending lots of submissive signals (...) and giving my power away. And if I'm unconsciously communicating that I don't deserve respect, why should other people bother. (...) A necessary wake-up call for me, and now I can correct course. (...) I highly recommend this course.

- Leon

Power University Public Reviews

These are public reviews.

You can check them for yourself by following the links.

Keep in mind the course was previously called "Social Power", so some reviews reference "Social Power" instead of "Power University", but they're the same thing (actually, "Power University" is far better as it's gone through several updates).

  • Most actionanable course out there

I took a lot of courses (...) from well-known individuals and respectable institutions (...) Mindvalley, Tony Robbins, Robbin Sharma, Robert Moore, Vanessa Van Edwards among many others. I learned a ton but the best, the ultimate course I have joined so far belongs to a man I had never heard before. His name is Lucio Buffalmano.
This is a life changer (...) his course works and is probably the most actionable course out there. I truly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain social power. Because when you gain social power, you gain success.

M. Coleman

See the review here.

  • That course is genuinely amazing

See the review here.

for full disclosure, the full review is:

That course is genuinely amazing despite it looking like some 12 year old fresh off a power trip from 48 laws of power wrote the advertising for it

I appreciated the feedback on the marketing side :).

  • "My partner is more attracted to me, and so are other women"

After studying PU my partner has started to really be attracted to me at a primordial level, like she never was -and I as well to her
All the power moves from her are disappearing, she now tries to be more loving, closer, more helpful than ever
Other women whom I find attractive approach me or show high interest, sometimes even when my partner is present

Also from the forum, but given the more personal nature of this review, I choose not to link to it out of respect for the author.
However, this is normal and expected as you become higher power.

  • There is no course that even comes close (when it comes to dealing with people)

Power University is the best course I've ever taken. I'm confident that there is no course that comes even close to covering the Power University curriculum of dealing with other people as well as Power University does

You can see the review here.

  • Acquire real-life frame control superpowers

See this public review here.

  • You will gain an edge in life

And the sooner you start, the better:

a customer review of the power university course

You can see this review here (plus my answer).

  • You will see results in your real life
Power University success story

You can see this thread here.

Note: John actually came up with the strategy that he applied himself, putting together different pieces of information, so all the credit to him. 
I then added that strategy to Power University (thanks, John!).

  • One of the best investments for personal wealth

As somebody who's starting to come to the end of a carer I can say (...) this is literally the best investment you could make

Read this comment here.

That's talking from a career perspective (there is a whole module on career strategies and power dynamics). 
The little money you're paying now, will likely turn into 10x more income and success during your career.

  • Mind-boggling growth

I joined the course Charisma University, but when I failed to connect with new people using the techniques, my tiny pieces of self esteem shattered.
I was so sick of living in constant stress and fear of my neighbor that I decided to buy PU. And holy sh*t am I happy I did. The growth I've seen since I joined is tremendous. As I'm typing this out it's almost mind boggling to see how far I've managed to come in a little over a year.
Since I joined I've learned to see the world through a new lens, the lens that we here call power awareness. With this lens I've been able to improve relationshipsstand up to my boss(es) on several occasions,  learned to how to give value to the people around me, and just in general learned to enforce boundaries and stand up for myself and what I believe in.
Most of all, since I joined Power University I've realized that I hold all the power to turn myself into any sort of person I want to become, and to shape my life into the life I want to live. As I write this I know I have a long way to go, but now I know that I have what it takes to achieve anything I set my mind to.

You can read this comment here.

  • Potentially better than the competition
  • Social ju-jitsu techniques take your social skills to advanced level
a review from power university in the forum

I was blown away by this concept. It completely changed my way of interacting with people, for real.

This was a case study on handling micro-aggressions and covert aggressions, which together account for probably 90% of all aggressions you'll go through in your life.
Now, thanks to John's initial question and feedback, it's a lesson in the "advanced social skills" module.

You can see this review here.

  • You will get rid of submissivness and become more assertive

What I learnt in the course is gonna extend to a lifetime ahead of me. It really helped me in terms of asserting myself. I can not describe my gratitude for this knowledge of power.

You can read this review here.

  • Astounding developments await you

No one graduates from Power University without astounding developments

Read this post here.

  • It's so good you will get hooked

You can read this one here.

  • Two lessons of Power University better than a whole course on Udemy:

I got more value from two lessons in Lucio's course than I got from the entire Udemy course.

You can read that one here.

  • Helps you turn over a new leaf:

I am finally seeing results and a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can read this review here.

  • Using Power University's lessons to ace casting jobs:

You can see the review here.

  • One of the best investments you can do on yourself:
power university public review

One of my best investments

You can see that forum comment here.

  • Entrepreneurs learn to develop better businesses
a review of power university

(PU) has helped me immensely in multiple business situations as an entrepreneur

This is part of a question in the customer-only area of the forum. Only Power University students can access that private area.

  • Daily habits that make you more effective

Power University and your blog are stellar. Much of what I'm doing now I learned from you.

See it here.

  • Power University is mind-blowing good

I (...) keep having my mind blown by how good this course is

You can see it here

  • You have no idea what you're going to learn

This site is far ahead of the curve. Prospective customers don't know what they don't know

It's here, in the private part of the forum.
And he goes on to explain that it was the same for him when he first stumbled upon a red pill website.

Power University Email Reviews

Some of the email feedback:

  • So good you wanna keep it secret
a student feedback on power university

For me this course is too valuable to ever let it have search history

My answer: don't worry about others studying the same. First of all, this website is niche enough that you will most likely not meet anyone else who has taken this advanced type of training. And two, most people are too lazy to train themselves to elite levels.

So, yeah... That's your chance, guys:

  • Groundbreaking: there's no comparison on the market

It's the first time I'm hearing about most of this stuff, even though I bought dozens of other courses and had a mentor for a year. The course is worth much, much more.


Eye-opener (...) the subtle and hidden power moves totally mind-blowing (...) I feel so lucky (...) Thank you for teaching me the most valuable currency in life


what a customer says about power university

Since then the course has improved 5x




customer review of power university by lucio buffalmano


power university review from a customer

Mind-blowing stuff. I'm getting a ton out of it.

Yeah, it's a life-changing course, but full access is a different product. On the other hand, Power University covers all the basics, so you might not need the full website access.


It's by far the best self-help I've ever come across

Note: the course was previously called "Social Power", that's why the subject line


email snapshot of a review for power university

I'm blown away by the value of your course. I'm not even at chapter 2 yet.


an email feedback for power university



The Power University is literally changing my life (...) each small thing I learn about social dynamics makes me realize how oblivious I was. More than one person came to tell me that I'm different somehow, for the better. This was, by far, the best investment.


I have not finished going through the entirety of PU but I have already benefited tremendously from the knowledge and wisdom included.

I have made a quantic leap in power awareness (not surprisingly as I didn't even know the concept before) and I have improved very significantly in terms of coming across as more powerful and less vulnerable.

Now the material is quite long so I have not finished it yet but I am already planning to go through it a second time.

I think it's the best material in terms of self development I have come across so far, at least for my personality type ( clueless in terms of power interaction, too humble publicly and frankly too submissive)

Thanks for the tips for keeping up with the learning.

Feel free to use my email to advertise to potential customers. It is a sincere feedback.

PS: I completely agree to the " even if it takes a year, it will be beneficial". In fact, I think one should not hurry as the material is quite dense and there is a lot of wisdom in there. I cannot imagine how long it must have take you to create this content!

T.S., happy PU customer


I completed the survey, and I wanted to also reply to tell you I have found Power University to be the single best investment I have ever made in myself. I am still fairly new to the program, and of course social skills involve life-long learning, so there is room for even more improvement than what I indicated on the survey. If there is anywhere you would like me to express my praise for the program more publicly, just let me know and I would be happy to do that.

And if you're interested in competing products, take a look at this thread:

Or go straight to what's been proven to work:

Customer Service Reviews

The people enrolling in Power University are actively improving their lives.

And I feel like we are kindred souls. 
People who want more for themselves and their lives, and take concrete steps to have it.

And without them, this website wouldn't exist.
I always prioritize customers above anything else:

That was one of the first customers. And since then, the customer experience has only improved

Thank you very much for the amazing customer service. Not only did you show great respect, but you also understood my situation and offered me alternatives so I could enjoy the services that TPM has to offer. 
I'm looking forward to acquiring more products from TPM in the future.

Best regards,

Feel free to put that review in the TPM website or in any other social media that you prefer. I´ll refer my friends and family to this website.

M.A., Happy PU customer

Power University Negative Reviews is not your typical business.

To begin with, it prioritizes product over marketing (there still isn't even a video or a teaser to advertise Power University).

Another way is different is by being far more open as to what happens behind the curtains.

So I'm including here the feedback of those who didn't vibe with Power University.
It's rare, but anything can happen. 

This alumnus was looking for something shorter:

Power University can be a life-changer... If you are willing to spend some effort

I immediately refunded P, no questions asked.
P was not a good fit for the course, and I knew it.
We aren't yet in an era where we can install wisdom and skills by plugging a cable in our brain (and trust me sometimes I wish we were already :).
In our era, life doesn't change without some action. So you still need to do your part.

When Women's Sections Were Lacking

Power University constantly improves its curriculum.

The last major update was thanks to a customer called Kristina.
Kristina thought Power University was too male-centric:

I am extremely grateful for Kristina's feedback. 
This is what she went on to say:

Kristina had a great point.
There is no such resource to teach women how to strategically handle power and success while still remaining likable and feminine.

And that's exactly what this website provides: smart social strategies for life success.

Since then and for 5 months I did nothing but research women and power.
All of my quarantine 15-hours workdays also all went into this project.
So I got the books she suggested. And many more. I delved into the research literature for women and power, and women in the workplace. 
I recalled all instances of powerful women I've met, and I scoured movies and YouTube for real-life examples.

And I condensed all that knowledge into a few lessons tailored for women only. One addressing the mindsets, one addressing career strategies, and one on how to combine power and femininity.
All with practical examples and videos.
Now Power University is the best course on the market for women who seek to combine personal success with social success.

So if you're a woman, this might be for you:

When you hate PU (and its author) because you got kicked out of it

Well, this was interesting.

I removed this user from PU and refunded her the initial price she paid.
And that eventually led the user to say it was "the worst experience she's ever had".

I fully accept the reality of her negative experience seen from her point of view.

On the positive side, if you think about it, the fact that one got so emotional and so badly wanted to stay in PU tells you a lot about how good it can be for you.

And then she says:

Her complaint confirms that every time we said that "the price will go up", we told the truth.
And the only reason why the price has gone up 10x is that the quality has gone up 100x.
So you actually get far better value now.

By the way, you can also learn more about how to handle challenging situations like an irate customer in PU.

Independent Authors' Reviews

And I will end with another public review. 
This is what Alexander, an early student of Power University, says of the people he has learned from:

You can see that review here.

Full disclosure on vid reviews: since some students wish to remain anonymous, for some videos, I hired a professional to read the reviews aloud. The speaker's gender, race, and skin color are random.
To keep the videos short and meaningful I sometimes cut the original (video)reviews. Overall, the videos preserved the original meaning. And I believe the video reviews are a faithful and realistic representation of the full (text-based) reviews.


Power University

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